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Source: Fairfax County Times Friday -Sunday, JUNE 21 -23, 2019


The project: a rear elevation plan that combines a mid-level screened-in porch with a belowdeck “kids” play zone. The far-reaching makeover– which replaces a small builder-grade screened porch with a substantially larger accommodation boasting many outdoor entertainment components– was recently introduced into the home of an Ashburn couple by Michael Nash Design Build and Homes. The owners had occupied the home for about 14 years but had decided to transform their house into a more permanent address– something that will work for the family for years to come.

“Owners today are actively searching for ways to better utilize the home they already know,” says Sonny Nazemian, Michael Nash’s founder and president. “As a company, we are adept at achieving large improvements in functionality and design while adding comparatively little square footage. Our whole approach is to expand what’s possible within a budget by prioritizing and focusing the investment where it counts.”

Looking back, the owners of the 5,000 square foot Ashburn residence were seeking an outdoor living solution that would better satisfy warm weather entertainment requirements.

With three school-age children underfoot, the plan called for an organic way to sequester the children’s play zones from the more relaxed adult pursuits likely to occur in the screened-in porch. Porch activities might include dining, listening to music or watching a sporting event or a movie on the Wi-Fi television– all under a rotating overhead fan if desired, or by an open fire in cooler weather. <Read More>

Michael Nash Design, Build & Homes
8630A Lee Hwy, Fairfax, VA 22031, USA

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