Should You Consider A Rustic Modern Interior In Oakton VA?

What Is A Home?

It’s more than a shelter. More than somewhere to lay our head at night. More than a roof above our head.

Home may be the warm bed at night. Home may be the cozy haven on a rainy Sunday afternoon. Home may be where you wake up to freshly brewed coffee.

Some call it a place, while for the majority, it’s a feeling. When you get home from work, wouldn’t you want a home that can take you back to your childhood while letting you appreciate the great freedom of adult life? Let’s call it, a modern rustic home.

You might have heard about this lately. But are you eager to learn more? Maybe you’ve been planning to redesign your kitchen or your living room. Here’s why you should consider a modern rustic interior. Read more.

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Did you know? Wooden homes such as a rustic home improves one’s mood. Not only is wood better for your interior, it would look more homey if incorporated into your exterior design as well. You have to, however, consider the pros and cons of using wood for exteriors.

Be sure you choose durable wood for exterior walls, for window frames, and for the front door. Walnut and cherry, if mixed with lighter shades, will look interesting. Don’t forget to add textures to the walls as well.


Rustic modern homes are not all cheery and colorful. In fact, this type of interior has an earthy and natural color scheme. For the color, you may opt for white paint, natural wooden material, or stone. Although simple in nature, a modern rustic will look effortlessly classy.


Some homeowners choose to use distressed wooden flooring (with teeth marks, cracks, nail scratches, worn-out patina, etc). Thanks to modern technology, this floor look can now be achieved. The aesthetic appeal of a rustic flooring is a combination of vintage and modern materials. Another alternative would be the luxury vinyl tile, or LVT. This type of flooring is a perfect example of manipulated modern material to look like an old material. LVT is the replica of an authentic wood with all its contours and grains. If you dread cleaning or don’t have the time to maintain real hardwood, LVT is a great option.


With its casual charm, rustic modern homes is the king of style. It’s design allows us to connect with the past that helps us keep our feet on the ground. Interiors that are based on this style characterizes the cozy Southwestern style (more like the Little House On The Prairie, if you recall that classic TV series).

For kitchens, rough-hewn beams defines the word ‘rustic’ pretty well. Add some rounded logs and a fireplace and you’ll have the charisma of a graceful cabin. Remember that every rustic modern home is not complete without patina. Patina, as defined by The Balance, is “the blue-green layer of corrosion that develops on the surface of copper if exposed to sulfur and oxide compounds.”


The purpose of a rustic modern home is to accentuate natural beauty. That said, raw natural elements are required. Wooden benches, wooden dining table, and wooden furniture are just few of the items that are commonly found in a typical rustic modern home. Embracing the natural state of things is key in rustic design. Linen, canvas, and burlap are the type of fabrics suitable for a rustic home.

Modern rustic is the current buzz in interior design. However, it has already been around for awhile. This type of design is the best of both worlds – a rusty design and a modern design. You know you’ll never go wrong with this design choice.

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