Don’t listen to anybody who says you shouldn’t change how your house looks like in a span of years. When a property is new, it’s attractive to look at. But as it deteriorates, it won’t look as presentable anymore. So if the idea of your home rotting and getting old doesn’t sit well with you, it’s probably time to modify it with some additions remodeling.


Michael Nash Design, Build & Homes has been helping homeowners achieve their ideal homes for more than 25 years. They provide luxurious, high-end designs and remodeling services that will surely set your house apart from the rest. Working with them will help you realize many things about yourself, your family, and your home. Their expertise in complete room remodeling and home additions will make you:

Create a fancy dinner for your loved ones


Books hold the classics. You can browse through them for old tricks, or you can always take advantage of modern technology and browse the web for something new. Presents might be a good idea: jewelry for the wife, wristwatch for the husband, entertainment systems for the kids, etc. But material objects are so easily obtained and given, it’s almost difficult to put a value on them these days. What you need is something significantly special. A well-designed kitchen with updated appliances will surely make you want to re-create a fancy dinner for your family and friends. A meal made with your love and effort can put a priceless smile on their faces. Michael Nash’s kitchen remodeling service is more than capable of giving you a space that will put some 5-star restaurant to shame.


Binge watch all your favorite TV series and movies


Have you ever missed out on all of your favorite TV series and movie genres because of your tight schedule? Well, it’s time to binge watch them all. You don’t have to plan when. Just set the perfect environment and when you find the time, jump right into it. Watch as much as you can and invite all your friends over. You don’t have to build a new room just to have your own little cinema at home. All you have to do is clear out your basement and have it remodeled into an active zone. Basement remodeling is one of the best investments you can get for your house in order for its value to increase in the market. By transforming a completely useless room into something where all members of the family can bond, you are adding another factor that makes your home sellable should you decide to move to another property in the near future.


Treat and pamper yourself like royalty


If you have the financial resources, get yourself a bathroom fit for a royalty. A room where you can also pamper yourself and relax after a tiresome day of work. Perhaps you needed a hot tub big enough to stretch, a shower head big enough to disguise itself as pouring rain, or a marble layout glamorous enough for a photoshoot. A small couch on the side where you can enjoy the latest issue of your favorite magazine while you’re deep conditioning your hair inside a shower cap also works too. Bathroom remodeling services provided by Michael Nash Design, Build & Homes have won numerous awards ranging from regional recognition to national. The right home-building firm can turn your dreams into a reality. Think about it. Your home may depreciate with time, but that’s not an excuse to not do something to appraise its value. Start remodeling now.


For inquiries and in-home consultations, call us at (703) 991-2942 , email us at and visit our showroom located at 8630A Lee Highway Fairfax, VA 22031.

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