3 Tips For Remodeling An Old House While Preserving Its Integrity In Annandale, VA

The city of Annandale has established a reputation as the most cultured and the most family-oriented suburb in Northern Virginia since the 90’s.

Few of the city’s dwellers choose to leave things the way they were, fearing they’d lose the character and the sentimental value of the house. Despite the outdated interiors and worn out ceilings,  additions remodeling is  somewhat ignored. On the other hand, there are some homeowners that have renovated and remodeled their houses while still maintaining its integrity.

Want to remodel your home without ruining its colorful history? Here are the top 3 things you need to take care of before remodeling.



Remodeling is more than just installing fixtures and choosing a fancy lighting. You don’t necessarily have to know about the nitty-gritty details about the process, being knowledgeable about the basics is enough. Alterations in the roofline may cause major changes in to the original look of the home. Notice the neighbors’ houses? They all are somewhat similar in form and mass. So whether you do kitchen remodeling or bathroom remodeling, be sure to keep its original form and size.


Materials that were used for old windows are made of wood that are probably hard to find nowadays. Windows depicts the home’s interior design origin. Creating major changes in the windows will compromise the integrity of the home. Historic windows were created differently from modern windows. What makes your home special is that achieving the vintage look would not be a problem – it’s natural! Unless safety is your concern, you may just emphasize the peeling paint and worn out look of your windows.


Through the years, house styles have evolved. Original materials used for a Colonial house style, an early Romantic style, Victorian, or even a modern house vary from one another. Historic architectural designs narrates rich stories about the history of a city or country. Never cover up the original woodwork of your home, instead emphasize its unique and historic qualities. Weatherproofing is one way to restore your home’s beauty without sacrificing its vintage nature. Basement remodeling will also improve the insulation and the look of your old house.

Remodeling a historic home can be hard work, but it is achievable. If you decide to let go of the old details of your home, you may sell them in a garage sale. Since a historic house is too fragile to restore, it will require critical planning and expert home designers and builders.

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