Livability.com highlights the best place to live in United States, and Arlington County, Virginia made it to the top 100. The suburban middle ground just has this irresistible magic that draws people in. The place has incredible neighborhoods ideal for families and people from different walks of life. Shopping centers, schools, universities, recreational areas, markets, restaurants, government buildings, and other local establishments are accessible enough.  

Arlington County VA – Kitchen – Bathroom – Basement – Home Additions Remodeling


The properties are well made and reasonably priced as well. There are plenty of styles and designs to choose from. Depending on the location, you can either land a single house or a semi-detached one. And if by any chance you are a little unhappy with how it looks, call up home building experts. Michael Nash Design, Build & Homes, for example, has been awarded numerous times for their state of the art kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, home additions and many more. Their company is available all over Northern Virginia, so calling them up to modify your home in Arlington County would not be a problem at all.

If you are interested to know more about them, here are some of their services benefits:

Extra space in the house

Home additions can expand your home and make it look spacious. There are many home improvement projects to try. You can search up for some inspirations online.


If you are thinking of getting a car and you have no space for it, you should add your own garage. If you are a bit tight on property space, you can always build upward. Two story additions can give you plenty of room for another bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living room, etc.

Here are some more ideas for home additions:
  • Tea room
  • Entertainment room
  • Music room
  • Library
  • Guest bedroom
  • Nursery
  • Play room
New room for your family


If you are not too caught up with the idea of expansion but you are still looking for a way to add a new room in your home, get complete basement remodeling instead. It’s the perfect approach to those who want to keep their homes small and cozy.

Basements are much like storage spaces and they rarely attracts any attention to most members of the family. Instead of keeping this particular room hidden, redesign it into something new, something more.

Some great ideas for basement remodeling are:
  • Wine cellars
  • Family room
  • Mini spa room
  • Home office
  • Multi-activity room
  • Fitness room
  • Laundry room
Quality living comes with a price, and most of the time it can get pretty costly. Your financial expenses doesn’t stop after buying a house. You have to build a home in order to create a place where you and your family can comfortably and conveniently stay for the majority of your lives. That means you have to set aside money for general cleaning, maintenance, and home improvements. Invest in things you can benefit most in the long run.

Additions remodeling may not always be as grand and as relevant at times, but it never fails to increase your home’s value. Also, the new rooms and the extra space could really encourage bonding moments with the family. A grand bathroom with the perfect blend of style and functionality can be the perfect setting to a romantic night between you and your partner. Sharing a bubbly, warm bath with champagne, rose petals, slow music, and scented candles is a grand gesture of love that would take any couple back to the honeymoon stage. A modern kitchen looking like one that is owned by international chefs can make one want to create delicious tasting meals every day.

Overall, Arlington County, Virginia is a lovely place for you to settle in. It doesn’t matter if you are on your own, with your boyfriend, or with your family. The place offers you a promise of quality living, and who knows, you might find your paradise in there.

For inquiries and in-home consultations, call us at (703) 991-2942 , email us at info@michael-nash.com and visit our showroom located at 8630A Lee Highway Fairfax, VA 22031.

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