How To Bring An 1800 Victorian Home Into The 21st Century In Aldie, VA

Aldie, Virginia is a city known to have homeowners who opt to preserve their historic homes. While the eastern part of the city is occupied by modern and high-technology houses, its major area consists of houses with a rich history. For those homeowners owning the 1800 Victorian type of home, remodeling is not an easy task to tackle.

Home transformations that we see on TV are nothing like the real deal. Victorian homes are known for its sophisticated look, perfectly crafted woodworks, and nostalgic vibes. Whether you’re planning to resell your home or aiming to bring back your old home’s glory, here are some tips to give a heads up on what you’ll need to remodel in a classic Victorian home.


Open Space

To incorporate the modern look into a historic Victorian house, you may opt for widening passageways. Modern homes possess a minimalist theme and a wide open space. Where Victorian homes aim for aesthetics, modern homes aim for function.

Side extensions, for example, would be a brilliant way for kitchen remodeling. After all, most design-build firms prefer this strategy. However, be sure to comply with the area’s legal requirements before considering home additions.

Enhanced Architecture

During the reign of Queen Victoria in the mid-1800s until early 1900s, residential architecture focuses on artistry rather than function. Victorian homes consist of Gothic windows, romantic cupola on the roof (inspired by Italianate style houses), and an overall miniature castle look.


Bright Light

You’ve probably heard of the popular Victorian Gothic interior design. From Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho to The Addams Family, Victorian homes have somewhat a macabre and creepy connotation to it. But did you know that these houses were not actually depicted as sinister until the 1930’s?

Households use heavy curtains to prevent the sun from bleaching their furniture. Its architecture also somewhat protecting its interior from sunlight. Houses were mainly dark during the Victorian period. To bring your old home into the 21st century, consider repainting the house with white or other bright colors, especially the staircase. Add more lighting all around the house as well to complement the bright-colored walls.

Glass Walls

To allow more sunlight to penetrate your dwelling, consider adding glass walls or doors to some parts of the home. Installing glass in a Victorian home can be tricky so you will need the help of a professional. It would still be best to preserve the antique doors since they bring character to the house. Some homeowners also prefer adding bypass panel glass doors for old closets if they still feel hesitant about replacing antique doors.

Entertainment is a great way to spice up your classic Victorian home. Although your house itself has a historic design, you can add a somewhat modern private patio.  Be sure that your private patio is protected from the type of weather that you loathe.

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