How do I contact you for an estimate?
You can simply call us at (703) 641-9800 or go to our Contact page, enter your information and let us know you would like an estimate.
Where do I start?

Starting can be as simple as calling us at Michael Nash Design, Build and Homes. Our number is (703) 641-9800. You can also visit us here, on our website. Just go to “Schedule Consultation” (that’s our contact page), enter your information and we can set up a consultation appointment at time that is convenient for you.

Do I get a written estimate from you?

Yes, you do. Once we have consulted with you and completed all the necessary steps to determine all that may be involved, Michael Nash Design, Build and Homes will provide you with a written estimate.

Do you do major remodeling?

Yes, we do major remodeling. Michael Nash Design, Build and Homes will take on projects large and small. Many of our award-winning projects have involved major remodeling.

When can you begin?
Once you and our designers have determined the specifics of your project and a contract has been signed and validated, our Customer Service department will consult our project calendar and schedule a starting date that works best for you.
How do you keep me informed during the remodeling process?
Every project Michael Nash Design, Build and Homes works on has an assigned project manager. Your project manager will keep you up to date on the progress of your project and answer any of your questions. He or she will keep you updated on a daily or weekly basis.
Do you provide references?
Yes, we provide you with references. Additionally, you may wish to visit the Homes page of Michael Nash and review the list of many awards we have received every year since 2004. You can also visit our testimonials page to see what some of our clients have said about Michael Nash Design, Build and Homes. To view our work, visit our online showroom.
What kind of warranty do you provide?
We have pride and confidence in the work we do and so we provide a one year workmanship guarantee Additionally, all installed original manufacturer warranties are in place.
What happens if there are problems after my renovation is completed?
Michael Nash Design, Build and Homes takes pride in and stands by its work. We believe our many awards are a testament to the quality of design and workmanship we provide. Therefore, should a problem arise, we will fix if it is still under warranty.

Please keep in mind that this is a custom remodeling project and the start date on your contract is a targeted start date given to you by your designer. From time to time, circumstances arise that affect or change this date. We will keep you posted if this should happen. Also, your completion date is a targeted date. We will do our best to stay within the allotted time frame. It is impossible to predict with precision when a project will be completed. Again, this is the nature of remodeling. The final project is always beautiful and well worth the wait!

If or when you contract work to others, how do you ensure their work is up to your standards?
In order to maintain our high standards, Michael Nash Design, Build and Homes oversees any work done in our name. On your project, there will be a Quality Control manager assigned. He or she will visit the site on a regular basis and review all work thoroughly.
How long does a project take from start to finish?
This is a difficult question to answer because each project is unique. It will depend upon the size of the project, any unusual challenges it may present, and in some cases even the weather. Many factors are involved. However, we take on every project with enthusiasm and perform the work in a timely way.
Do I have to move out of my house during the construction process?
This is also one of those questions that will depend on various factors, particularly the size of the project. It may not be necessary on smaller projects but for major builds it may. Sometimes, it isn’t necessary but you may find you prefer to be away due to the inevitable inconvenience. When planning your project with our designers, you can discuss this and determine what the best approach is for you.
How do we prepare the house for remodeling?

A. Remove all your valuables, lamps, plants, knick-knacks, Etc..

B. Remove all dishes and crystal from cabinets and hutches (Kitchen remodeling)

C. Remove all bottles valuables from vanity counters and cabinets (bath remodeling)

D. Cover all furniture in adjacent rooms. Since dust is inevitable, this will help to preserve your furniture

E. Please do not pile up furniture on top of the other

F. If we are remodeling your kitchen, it will be helpful if you pick an area not affected by the construction to set up a dinette area for your family. This will cut down on any inconvenience to you r family while we are working.

G. Active construction areas and sites are most often hazardous and dangerous areas. During all periods of active construction at your site, you and your family agree not to enter any active work or designated job site area, without being physically accompanied and escorted by a MNCK Site Supervisor or Team Leader. If you and/or your guests or family members otherwise must enter into any such active work area or designated job site area, such entry is at your or their own risk. Michael Nash makes no warranty as to the safety or functionality of any circumstance or item in a designated job or work site in progress.

Will there be a big mess once you’re completed?
The nature of renovation work is such that each project creates a mess of some kind. However, the mess does not remain when it is a Michael Nash project. We ensure the project is neat and clean upon completion and maintain as much order as is reasonable during the period of the actual work.
When is the best time of year to do a renovation?
The best time to do a renovation will depend upon the project. For most indoor projects, particularly smaller projects, almost any time of year is a good time. Weather can be a factor, however, with some larger projects and with outdoor work. With that in mind, it is sometimes best to plan the project for the spring, summer and fall months. Speak to our consultants about your individual project and they will be able to advise you on the best time for your project.
If I take out a wall to make an area more open, will that affect the structure of my house?
This will depend upon the wall. Some walls are known as load-bearing walls. These are designed for structural support. They carry a house’s weight – hence the term load-bearing. Before taking out a wall, it must first be determined if it is this kind of wall. In some cases, it is possible to remove a load-bearing wall. However it is a more involved process than removing a non-load bearing wall. The weight the wall supports must be redistributed. There are ways to do this, such as replacing it with a beam, but this is a more involved process than simply removing a non-load bearing wall. It will depend upon your house whether it is advisable or not. Remember, the structural integrity of your house will be compromised if you remove a load-bearing wall without another way to support the weight it is bearing. With Michael Nash Design, Build and Homes, any changes such as these will be approved on plan prior to beginning.
What is a green home remodeling?
Green remodeling is an approach to homes renovation that emphasizes a healthier homes and planet while also providing cost savings. It involves using materials that are more sustainable in terms of the environment and incorporating techniques that are more efficient and have less impact on our planet. Both materials and techniques also help provide for a healthier home to live in and one that is more economical to run without ever compromising style and beauty.
Does a green approach to remodeling mean higher costs?
A key characteristic of green remodeling is cost savings – a more economical home. It starts with the construction and the techniques used and the technologies put in place. Green homes reduce operating costs while also increasing a home’s value. It makes your home a more sustainable one with less impact on the environment. As an example, with energy efficient and water wise designs and products, utility costs are reduced.
Can your consultants make recommendations for making my homes more efficient and environmental?
Yes, they absolutely can. We’ve made a commitment to green approaches to remodeling and take pride in what we can offer home owners.
Is bamboo as good a material as traditional wood?
The surprising thing about bamboo is that it hasn’t already been incorporated in the many homes of North America more extensively. It has a very long history of use in the world because of its quality and multiple uses. Bamboo for flooring is durable and reliable, not to mention beautiful. It makes for a great option for homes and offices, especially when they want to go green. Bamboo is also wonderful for cabinetry. It is often used for furniture – even beautiful rugs. It provides a design flexibility few traditional woods do. To learn more about bamboo, visit our Go Green page.
Are environmentally “green” cabinets available?
We certainly do. Michael Nash represents a number of manufacturers of green cabinetry that cover all price ranges. Bamboo is just one of the many materials that can be used for cabinets providing a beautiful look and durable quality.

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