Benefits Of Hiring A Design-Build Firm In Woodbridge, VA

During the 90’s era, some of America’s elite design and construction professionals formed the Design-Build Institute Of America.

This organization, known as the DBIA, aims to promote a creative procedure in the construction industry. It aims to promote a system where a group of architects, interior designers, and home builders perform a full remodel service from start to finish. Examples are: complete kitchen remodeling, complete bathroom remodeling, complete basement remodeling, and so on.

Design-build firms in Woodbridge nowadays are becoming more and more popular. Now that you’re ready for a home transformation, here’s how a reputable design-build firm such as the award-winning Michael Nash Design, Build, & Homes can make your remodel a sure success.

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Time is of the essence. Expecting a new baby anytime soon? You can’t probably wait to have your home additions project completed. With all the remodeling professionals working together in one team, the process speeds up depending on your needs. If you’re seeking to remodel your kitchen or bathroom faster without sacrificing its quality, then a design-build team can help you.


With the help of your dream team, every aspect of the remodel can be well taken care of. A design-build firm has everything you need from strengthening the foundations to creating artistic visuals. Every material used in the remodel will be chosen carefully, which of course, would depend on your wants. When hiring for a design-build company, be sure that each professional have an adequate experience in their respective fields. Design-build contractors is a hybrid version of a general contractor.


You may have heard about horror additions remodeling stories about construction that gets out of hand. You won’t have to interview an architect, a builder, and a designer one by one anymore. This enables a more organized workflow as each part of the team will work hand in hand. Design-build is the perfect choice for people who opt for building a custom home. There is a close-knit relationship among the team which ensures proper communication.


Commonly known as the “one-stop shop” of the remodeling world, a design-build system focuses on details such as the approximate days or weeks to complete the project. A high quality of work is expected from a design-build firm. By hiring a design-build firm, you can be sure that every aspect of the remodel would be give special attention.

Get the home you’ve always wanted with Michael Nash Design, Build, & Homes – building luxury homes in Northern Virginia for over 30 years.

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