5 Tiniest Home Details That Can Make Or Break A Remodel In Lorton, VA

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There might be some truth behind the quote, “It’s the little things that make life big.”

Oftentimes, we overlook miniscule details because they seem unimportant. In home remodeling, paying little to no attention to tiny details can be a disaster. If it’s your first time to remodel your home in Lorton, Virginia, you might want to take a few notes.

Here are the top 5 tiny details in home remodeling that can either make it or break it.


Front Door

What’s a front door for? Security from burglars, warmth from the cold weather, and protection from other uninvited outside forces or people. While these are the obvious purposes of an entrance door, its aesthetics shouldn’t be neglected.

Front doors signify the character of the entire house and its dwellers. A few design-build firms offer custom homes services where you can also customize your front door to whatever design you please. Be sure that the front door’s design would not contradict the theme of the entire remodeling design plan.

Door Handles

Every door handle in your home, and not just the front door, deserves to be beautifully displayed. Be it door knobs, locks, finger pulls, and levers, these door hardware items can affect the ambience of your home. Door handles should be durable, convenient to use, and aesthetically pleasing. Antique door handles are preferable, but it will all depend on the overall look of your home, so the tiniest details of your home should be carefully planned and envisioned.


Expert interior designers recommend that chandeliers can beautify any room of the house – be it modern or antique. In the 1800s, chandeliers were popularly hung on kitchen ceilings. Since we’re in the 21st century, chandeliers can now add elegance and beauty to every part of the home.

What makes chandeliers special is that it can immediately be the center of attention in the room. To some home design experts, mixing light and hard design is the secret. An example would be hanging a black chandelier in a minimalist living room. This will add a sense of balance in the room.


Homeowners look past the importance of a perfect faucet design. Although this may seem unimportant, faucets tell much about the character of a certain house. Despite of its size, faucets contribute to the overall layout of a bathroom or kitchen. Today’s faucet designs have become more advanced than ever in the history of home technology.

Kohler just recently released its new faucet, which incorporates the touchless technology functionality. This Kohler faucet looks both modern and classy. It has a hands-free attribute that allows you to clean and cook without problems of contamination. Its awesome feature includes a Response Technology (allowing you to control the faucet with the wave of a hand) which is strictly built to prevent false activation.


Installing the right countertop is both expensive and challenging. The material you use will make a statement about the personality of your home. Most popular countertops include granite, marble, quartz, laminate, and soapstone countertops.

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