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Northern Virginia is great for families big and small. The terrain and the community is welcoming and friendly enough to people from different walks of life. Living in Clifton, Virginia is wonderful in itself. However, no matter how happy you are with where you are settling in, boredom might strike when you least expect it to.

Kitchen – Bathroom – Basement – Home Addition Remodeling in Clifton VA

Your daily life could get monotonous. Your daily conversation and activities with your family could get really random and lifeless. Your friends could be visiting less and less. And before you know it, your life could slowly fall apart. To avoid such an unfortunate event, you should invest in a wonderful life with Michael Nash Design, Build & Homes’ remodeling services and home additions:


Spend time with your growing children

There are things that you can no longer enjoy with your kids as they grow older. For example, a horse ride on your back, a heart to heart talk about Disney’s classic movies, a playful race up and around the house, an off tune duet with Barney’s theme song, a night spent within poorly made blanket fort, and many more. So while they are still younger, and while you can still reach them at an arm’s length without much physical and emotional effort, don’t ever hesitate to spend time with them. Basement remodeling works wonders. It adds up a new room to where you and your family can all hang out in, and it also adds value to your home. Don’t you want your own mini cinema at home?

Cook delicious meals for your family

Sometimes cooking can get boring. During school days, you have to get up an hour or two before the rest of the family wakes up to prepare a delicious meal for them. If everything is dull around your kitchen, cooking will slowly sound more like chore. That will take all the fun out of the very important task and you’ll surely end up with dishes that are made halfheartedly. Think about your family. Are you really okay with giving them mediocre-tasting food? Well, to avoid ruining their day, give your kitchen the transformation it deserves. Complete kitchen remodeling may sound expensive, but it’s benefits will totally give you your money’s worth.

Experience outdoor bonding moments


If you have an outdoor pool, take advantage of it during Summer. The heat serves as a warm towel, covering active and sweaty bodies jumping in and out of the chlorinated water. Juicy, fruity sweets will be more than welcome to have and cameras will continue to collect moments frozen in time. Bonding moments outside of your home, like this one, may not be much compared to an escape getaway, but it’s special enough to be memorable. If you don’t have a swimming pool because your family are not very good swimmers, you can get an additions remodeling service from Michael Nash. The home-building expert will give you outdoor space, suited for your home’s exterior design and aesthetic. You clearly don’t need a pool to party. A well-made outdoor living space is enough.

Start a new hobby and earn money


Is there something you particularly love doing while you were still younger? Perhaps it’s time to pick up from where you left off last time. Hobbies are so entertaining, they literally have the power to speed up time. Do the things that makes you happy. Don’t dwell on a day’s bad events because it will only affect you and your family in the long run. Let go of whatever clutters your mind and busy yourself with things that can help you earn money. If you’re good at sewing, try selling home-made rugs or dust cloths to your neighbors. If you’re into arts and crafts, invent something thrilling and out of this world. Challenge yourself. Give yourself something to look forward to everyday.

Aim for a good night’s rest every day


A well-rested human being, is a lover of mornings. How many times have you woken up to your alarm, cranky and tired? You may think that it’s your system dictating you to drink up the needed dose of caffeine intake, but it’s actually just you not getting enough rest. Try to sleep earlier, or if not, on times when you feel the first yawn. If you are still up and awake by midnight, take a warm bath. The warm water will soothe down tight muscles, allowing you to relax. If your bathroom doesn’t make you happy, go for a bathroom remodeling. The change will make you want to relax and pamper yourself more. Who knows, it might encourage you to dive into your bed earlier than usual.

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