What It Takes to Live in Your Dream Home in Springfield, VA

A home should be a place where you are happy and comfortable to live in. It should be something that reflects your personality and your eye for style. A foundation that sets you apart from the other homeowners out there.

If you live in Springfield, Virginia you should know that a well-established and awarded home building firm is nearby. Michael Nash Design, Build & Homes helps homeowners throughout Northern Virginia in achieving their desired living space. With a little initiative from your end, they will be able to address your problems with effective and efficient solutions.

Kitchen – Bathroom – Basement – Home Additions Remodeling in Springfield VA


Here then are following ideas that might inspire you to start creating your dream home:

Harmony and Functionality

The kitchen is probably one of the more difficult rooms to organize. There is just a lot going on in there. If your kitchen’s existence doesn’t excite or inspire you in any way anymore, it’s definitely time to experience some kitchen remodeling magic. Michael Nash’s design team knows how to bring out the homeowner’s taste in harmony and functionality, breathing life into their dream kitchens.

For housewives who have the kitchen all to themselves, a more feminine color scheme is acceptable for the entire look. However, if the man of the house is a certified chef and the room is part of his territory, then it’s wiser to choose a more masculine color scheme.

You can also balance both and harmonize it in a way that says “his” and “hers.” A metallic finish for the appliance could complement a lot of color and its modern touch is almost often great to look at. And if none works for both you and your partner, you can always get basement remodeling for a second kitchen.

Comfort and Expansion

You shouldn’t neglect comfort. From the front door to the back, every space should exude a calming feeling that enables you to relax and let all your guard down immediately.

One of Michael Nash’s home makeover involved a fairly sized two-story house. Since the property is not large, the team has to work around the limited space. Home additions often allows extra room for convenience. Of course, additions remodeling projects is dependent on the extra space available for the property at some point. But even if there’s not much to spare, Michael Nash knows just the right methods and techniques to a successful expansion.

Luxury, Class and Elegance

Aside from the bedroom, your bathroom is also another room where you can relax and enjoy yourself. It’s quiet and private. It is a place where you can pamper yourself for hours if you want to. So rather than hiding it away from your guests, and dreading the thought of its existence in your home, have it remodeled.

Bathroom remodeling by Michael Nash is certainly one of a kind. Recently, the team won the 2016 National NARI CotY award for their residential bath interior design. Give them the opportunity to transform your bathroom from a boring tiled space into a classy spa like haven. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have enough room for a tub, because with the right adjustments, the interior design team can make it happen for you. If you have kids around, going for the nonslip flooring is also a magnificent choice to lessen unwanted accidents from ever happening.

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