Want to know the secret how the Brills of Burke, VA got a bigger, luxurious master bath without bumping out and all, before moving in? Marie and Greg Brill purchased a foreclosure in Burke, VA. It’s a big outdated and damaged colonial space needed a good bit of help, especially the master bath. Thankfully, the...READ MORE

6 Tips to Make your Small Bathroom Big

06 Dec, 2017 adminBathroom  by: admin
Don’t let a cramped bathroom ruin the overall comfort of your beloved home - you might get claustrophobic in the long run. Want a cozier bath space, but don’t know how to have one? Do you think renovation would be hard because you can’t move the walls? Then, seek help from professionals because they can...READ MORE

Planning A Renovation

10 Nov, 2017 adminNew Custom Home  by: admin
Renovation is a huge project which needs accurate and careful planning for a successful and satisfying outcome. If you decide to bring your kitchen to the next level, widen your bathroom space, or add a room, maybe to accommodate a new family member, always take time to make a plan. A good plan will keep...READ MORE

Award-Winning Two-Level Addition Redefines A Home's Facade

03 Nov, 2017 adminHome Additions  by: admin
Missing something in your home’s second story? Upgrade the facade of your living space with two-level additions. It can surely add value and curb appeal to your home, giving it more weight and style. In the case of Mike Martin, he fell in love with a two-story contemporary house in Great Falls built in a...READ MORE

Company Profile: Michael Nash Design, Build & Homes

27 Oct, 2017 adminSpecials  by: admin
A complete remodeling service from a remodeling partner who can handle the project from start to finish. The company is a specialist in designing, construction and interior decorating which makes it a convenient choice for your wall to wall, floor to ceiling renovation needs. And it’s all under one roof. Homeowners don’t have to go...READ MORE

How to Achieve a Traditional Southern Home

20 Oct, 2017 adminSpecials New Custom Home  by: admin
Experience all over again a bit of your childhood days. A traditional porch and foyer you grew up with, where you used to play and watch the sunrise beautifully hunts you, as you were now surrounded with skyscrapers. Nostalgic, right? Gina Jones, an Internet publisher together with her husband, Dennis Porter, an Air Force officer,...READ MORE

Award-Winning Remodeling Innovation

13 Oct, 2017 adminUpdates  by: admin
Find an award-winning remodeling partner if you want to actualize the home of your dream. Your fantasized kitchen with a sleek countertop, a large island, a smart storage, fine finished carpentry and a bright aura is made achievable. The spacious and spa-like bathroom you’ve been aiming for is now within your reach. A cozy bedroom,...READ MORE

Multi Functionality of an In-law Suite

06 Oct, 2017 adminHome Additions  by: admin
In-law suites are not just for in-laws anymore because nowadays, homeowners opt for an in-law suite addition to accommodate other family members. In fact, a 1,000 square foot suite built over in the large garage for Chaudrys family in McLean, Virginia was intended and designed for their son-in-law and daughter. Because the daughter was expecting...READ MORE

Convert Your Small Bath into a Luxurious Space

29 Sep, 2017 adminBathroom  by: admin
A couple in Virginia wanted to have a larger and more luxurious bathroom after they realized how cramped the space is. They dream for a larger shower and bathtub for a dramatic effect. Good thing, they found help from Michael Nash Design, Build & Homes. With so much dedication and creativity, Michael Nash successfully build...READ MORE

Bathroom Remodeling: The Power of the Shower

22 Sep, 2017 adminBathroom  by: admin
Your bathroom is not a bathroom without a shower. Whether it’s a combined shower-bath or a separate shower cubicle, you must have a shower. However, there are certain factors to consider in installing a shower cubicle such as the space. For a small space, a mini walk-in shower is the ideal choice while for the...READ MORE