Multi Functionality of an In-law Suite

06 Oct, 2017 adminHome Additions  by: admin
In-law suites are not just for in-laws anymore because nowadays, homeowners opt for an in-law suite addition to accommodate other family members. In fact, a 1,000 square foot suite built over in the large garage for Chaudrys family in McLean, Virginia was intended and designed for their son-in-law and daughter. Because the daughter was expecting...READ MORE

Convert Your Small Bath into a Luxurious Space

29 Sep, 2017 adminBathroom  by: admin
A couple in Virginia wanted to have a larger and more luxurious bathroom after they realized how cramped the space is. They dream for a larger shower and bathtub for a dramatic effect. Good thing, they found help from Michael Nash Design, Build & Homes. With so much dedication and creativity, Michael Nash successfully build...READ MORE

Bathroom Remodeling: The Power of the Shower

22 Sep, 2017 adminBathroom  by: admin
Your bathroom is not a bathroom without a shower. Whether it’s a combined shower-bath or a separate shower cubicle, you must have a shower. However, there are certain factors to consider in installing a shower cubicle such as the space. For a small space, a mini walk-in shower is the ideal choice while for the...READ MORE

How to Build The Custom Wine Cellar of Your Dreams

15 Sep, 2017 adminWine Cellar  by: admin
Your wine collection is growing, can your wine cellar still accommodate it?   Craig and Diane MacAllister was caught in such kind of dilemma when a limited storage hindered their quest for new wine collections. Fortunately, they found the best solution by having a custom redwood wine cellar constructed in their home in Fairfax. By...READ MORE

How to Plan Your Outdoor Space Remodel

08 Sep, 2017 adminOutdoor Living Home Additions  by: admin
Go outside and take a look at your outdoor space. Don’t you notice something off in your porch? Don’t  you think that your terrace needs an upgrade? Don’t you think that the worn-out paint of your patio’s wooden baluster is a little unattractive? Then go back inside your house and start planning the remodel of...READ MORE
A couple in Centreville, Virginia prefers color than stains when they decided to design their kitchen. They are more of a contemporary-lover that is why they requested for a minimalist approach incorporating strong colors and finishes. Color is style. In the modern setting, contemporary paint colors such as white, blue, yellow, red, green, and orange...READ MORE

Your One-stop Remodeling Contractor

23 Aug, 2017 adminUpdates Specials  by: admin
Michael Nash Design, Build & Homes is committed to provide both home improvement and custom home building services to homeowners. Yet, they do not limit their mission in home building, but extends in providing convenience to customers as well. Ta-DA! Michael Nash is your one and only one stop remodeling contractor. From the floor, wall...READ MORE

13 Steps in Preparing Your Kitchen for a Remodeling

19 Aug, 2017 adminKitchen  by: admin
Change has finally come! You’ve decided to take the leap of remodeling your kitchen and you have your plan in hand. But wait, before your hired contractor starts the job, better prepare your kitchen first. This should be done in order to prevent disasters during the whole remodeling operation. If you have no idea of...READ MORE

5 Easy Ways You Can Use Facebook to Help Michael Nash

11 Aug, 2017 adminUpdates  by: admin
How often do you engage yourself on Facebook activities in a day? Save your answer because you are obviously one of those active users that make up the exceeding one billion Facebook population as recorded March of year 2017. No wonder why Facebook brought home the title as ‘social media giant’. It is recognized as...READ MORE

Michael Nash Design, Build & Homes Awards

10 Aug, 2017 adminSpecials  by: admin
2017 Year Awards: 2017 National NARI Contractor of the Year Winner, Residential Bath $25,000 to $50,000 2017 CotY Regional Southeast Regional Award Winner, Entire House Under $250,000 2017 CotY Regional Southeast Regional Award Winner, Residential Addition Under $100,000 2017 CotY Regional Southeast Regional Award Winner, Residential Bath $25,000 to $50,000 2017 CotY Regional Southeast Regional Award...READ MORE