Herndon Kitchen Is Regional “Contractor Of 2020” Year (COTY) Winner

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Herndon Kitchen Is Regional “Contractor Of 2020” Year (COTY) Winner | Michael Nash Design, Build & Homes

A young Herndon couple had just purchased their first townhouse, and decided to upgrade. The 30-year-old structure had never been modified, but the owner’s recognized some ways to expand usable space without adding on.

Entering from the foyer, a living room on the immediate right segues into a spacious dining room which extends further to the left rear of the house.

Two floor-to-ceiling partition walls separate the kitchen from the rest of the main level. Filled with duct chases and plumbing linked to the second floor bathroom, the partitions also function as bearing walls. The wall between the kitchen and dining room, likewise, has a support beam embedded in it.

The owners primarily sought an upgrade to both the look and function of the new space largely seeking lifestyle improvements. Among other factors, the changes would entail re-routing or deleting bulkheads, the pantry closet, and partition walls.

The plan was simple, yet involve. The main trunk of HVAC was relocated through the lower-level garage and laundry; to accommodate the second-floor bedroom requirements, a new chase has been introduced. < Read More >

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