Bathroom Trends of 2022

Latest bathroom trends

A bathroom isn’t just a functional space, but it can be a retreat – a sanctuary you desperately desire – where you can unwind after a long day. Transforming your bathroom into a modern oasis can be a fun but challenging project. With so many trendy contemporary designs out there, you can completely turnaround the aesthetic and function of your small or spacious bathroom and wow yourself and your guests.

Whether you’re in need of a complete bathroom remodel or are looking for simple bathroom ideas to spice up the interior, we have some excellent suggestions that can help transform this functional space into a picture-perfect serene space.

So, without further ado, here are some 2022 bathroom ideas to get you inspired to refresh your space in the New Year.

Crisp Marble Looks

Marble is a recurring interior trend that has taken the design world by storm over the past few decades. What drives homeowners to get fully-marbled bathrooms or incorporate at least a few marbled elements into their bathrooms is the crisp, clean, natural look it offers. Marble forms delicate pattern formations that elevate the visual interest of a space while keeping it minimal and luxurious.

Marble can be used to cover the walls to make a stylish statement or on the floor for luxury underfoot. White marbled bathrooms have a classic, tasteful, and refined look that will always stand the test of time.

Peaceful Tiling

Gorgeous bathroom tiling has most certainly gained a lot of traction recently and is yet to reach its crescendo. Gone are the days when tiles would shout the moment you’d enter a bathroom; 2022 is all about wisely choosing tiling that accents a bathroom and pair it with low-contrast grout that blends seamlessly within the span. Muted greens, cool blues, or soothing greys, square, rectangular, or hexagonal, base your bathroom tiling on your idea of peace and calm.

Bold Basins and Sinks

Basins and sinks are a vital element of your bathroom, which is why choosing them is arguably one of the most difficult tasks. When searching for the perfect sink, you should look for one with the right balance of aesthetics, functionality, installation, and budget.

If you’re thinking you still need to stick to the basic white ceramic sinks, we’re sorry to burst your bubble. There are extensive options available in the market today to tick all the boxes off your checklist and give your bathroom a uniquely polished and tasteful look. Some of these interesting sink choices include brightly-colored matte sinks, pastel-colored sinks, decorative basins with ripples, or even the simple adding of gold rims on a classic white ceramic sink.

Besides ceramic, you also have the option to go for a different material, such as concrete, glass, pressurized surfaces, or mineral cast. Either way, if you’re keeping other elements of your bathroom minimal, go bold on the basin!

Matte Black Fixtures

Up until next year, antique brass fixtures were all we could think about. Although the idea of installing them isn’t completely obsolete, we can agree that it has had its fair share of spotlights in bathrooms. So, it’s time to let the new kid in town take over – the oh-so-dreamy matte black fixtures. These stunning pieces can add some much-needed flair to a bathroom through their luxurious appeal.

Bold Walls

While it makes sense to adorn the shower walls with tiles or marble, you don’t necessarily have to stick with the same theme throughout. From the walls to the ceiling, bold wallpapers are the new trend for bathroom design.

Embrace blooms, botanicals, and foliage for your bathroom to create the boldest and brightest impact. A fun and tropical botanic printed wallpaper can instantly lift the aesthetics and appeal of a bathroom and add some great color and quirkiness. Pair your bold wallpaper with soft and curvy cabinets and arched mirror detailing, and you’ve got yourself a stunningly serene sanctuary.

Spa Vibes

Most homeowners are leaning more towards creating a sanctuary than simply revamping their bathrooms to be fully functional. Considering this, it’s imperative to keep things calm and peacefullike a spa. The best place to start when creating the perfect spa vibes is by bidding farewell to all clutter and keeping things lean, clean, and simple.

Vintage Furniture and Accessories

Bathrooms are as good as their accessories, so while the big changes are necessary, it’s the small changes that can bring about the biggest difference.

Vintage furniture and accessories are all the hype right now, and for a good reason! Whether it’s an armoire, mirror, or chest of drawers, vintage furniture can add an unexpected layer of visual interest to your bathroom. On the other hand, vintage doorknobs and other fixtures can very quickly become the conversation piece in the bathroom.

Luxe Lighting

For interior designers, lighting is key. However, for the layman, it’s important to understand that something even as simple as changing the lighting can completely transform the look and feel of a space.

The focus this year is shifting towards statement bathroom lighting ideas. Whether crystal or outsized, glamour seems to be the way to go! When it comes to lighting, don’t be afraid to go big. You can surely afford to use larger lights than you think, even if your bathroom has limited space.
Chandeliers, drum pendants, and giant floor lamps are some excellent options that are in vogue to inspire luxury bathroom design.

Wrapping Up

Modern bathroom designs are highly versatile, ranging from bold wallpapers to stunning white marble walls. At the end of the day, it all boils down to the kind of space you’d be happy and comfortable with.

That said, we’re here to help deliver exactly what you’re looking for!

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