Best 5 Materials for your Countertop

Thinking of remodeling your kitchen? Well, it is not an easy job. You should pick the right materials to achieve the balance between comfort and durability.
Take a great leap to make your kitchen a pumping heart of joy and begin with choosing what’s best for your countertop.

Check out below the top 5 materials you can opt for your dream countertop!

1. Granite


If you aim for a dramatic effect for your kitchen, then a granite counter-top suits you. Granite has sealed surfaces making it smooth and even.

Good: Please be noted that granite is not only beautiful but durable as well! Granite is hard and can withstand heat, scratches, stains, and spilled liquids.

Not So Good: Granite has weaknesses as well. The jointed characteristic of granite will cause it to crack or break if you drop anything heavy to it. Moreover, it does need daily care.

Tip: Make sure that your granite counter-top is properly sealed to keep it from absorbing substances which leads bacteria to permanently reside in its pores.

2. Quartz Countertop

Flo Form

Do you want a contemporary touch for your kitchen? A quartz counter-top is the answer to your prayer!

Good: Quartz is resistant from acid, stain, scratch and impact. You don’t need to seal its surface. Quartz is a little more durable than granite so it does not crack easily. Using quartz is hygiene-wise – doesn’t harbor bacteria due to the absence of pores in its surface.

Not So Good: The problem with quartz is the apparent appearance of the seams and cannot endure too much heat from hot pans and pots. Never ever set your pot with newly cooked soup over your quartz counter-top.

Tip: Quartz loses its original color in the long run when exposed to sunlight.

3. Soapstone

Source: Premier Surfaces

Feel homey while chopping an onion over your soapstone countertop. It has a signature dark look which makes you calm while cooking – with the music of your choice of course!

Good: Soapstone can fight against scratches, heat, and chemicals because of its hardness and denseness. Soapstone is not in need of sealing and doesn’t stain. If cleanliness is your concern, then worry less because you can just wipe it with rag and mild soap.

Not So Good: The bad news is, soapstone is vulnerable to heavy glass objects and cast-iron pans. You are also required to constantly apply oil on it to keep it from turning dull.

Tip: Avoid cutting directly on your soapstone countertop.

4. Marble Countertop

Marble Countertop
Source: msistone

Are you elegant enough to have a marble countertop? Don’t bother, you will still look classy if you’re standing behind it.

Good: Marble is heat resistant and widely available in any stone fabricator unlike quartz. That’s convenient guys!

Not So Good: What is the ugly side of marble? It can be easily scratched by sharp objects and even acidic things. Do not spill your wine, the surface of marble can absorb liquids. It may look hard but heavy objects can chip or break its corners.

Tip: It is a must to seal your marble counter-top every few years.

5. Stainless Steel Countertops

Stainless Steel Countertop
Source: Kompare It

Are you an aspiring chef or simply love looking? Use stainless steel for your countertop needs.

Good: Stainless Steel is durable. Heat, stains, rust and corrosion has no effect on it. It has even surface with no dents which means no space for bacteria and molds.

Not So Good: Obviously, stainless steel is noisy. Don’t throw things over it! Moreover, it can be scratched easily.

Tip: If you are an oozy type of person, be attentive to fingerprints, smudges and dust in your stainless steel countertop – it’s very distinct.

How was your decision-making? Are you being function-wise on picking the right material for your counter-top? Or do you prefer the physical beauty it could offer you?

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