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Michael Nash Design, Build & Homes is committed to provide both home improvement and custom home building services to homeowners. Yet, they do not limit their mission in home building, but extends in providing convenience to customers as well.

Ta-DA! Michael Nash is your one and only one stop remodeling contractor. From the floor, wall to ceiling designing and construction, they can provide all you need for your kitchen, bathroom or addition remodeling project.

They handle all phases of construction, even interior designing – keeping track of the project’s quality, costs and schedule.

Herewith, it is unnecessary for homeowners to go store hopping and collect sample materials they need for their remodel.

As CEO Sonny Nazemian explains, “The majority of our work is done by Michael Nash employees”. Pinpointing Michael Nash’s homegrown carpenters, licensed electricians, and plumbers, who take responsibility for the entire remodeling project.

Moreover, the interior design team of Michael Nash exists to solely help clients put the finishing touches on their remodel. They surely give rigorous attention to detail, colors and materials matching up the design of your living space with your lifestyle.

The services it offers include:

Transform your kitchen into a more inviting and cheery cooking space, whether you want it classic, vintage or modern.


Level up the refreshing ambience of your bathroom for a more relaxing bath through the state-of-the-art design and craftsmanship by Michael Nash.


Bring your deserted basement back to life. Convert it into a theater room, game room, wine cellar or fitness room.

Linardakis Theater

  • Major renovations

Restore the beauty of your home through a major renovation. You can transform an unused space into a media room, workspace or maybe a playroom for your kids.


  • New custom homes

Build your home according to your liking and needs. Incorporate your own personal touch and ideas in creating your safe haven.

Glass Floor Trendy Flooring Designs

Avoid the hassle of moving out from your old home because you can simply add a space in your kitchen, bathroom or another bedroom without altering any parts of your existing home.

Wang stairs

  • Outdoor living services

Achieve your dream of a cozy outdoor living space. Enjoy a get together with family and friends as you talk and eat outdoors.

Outdoor Kitchen Designs and Ideas

  • Custom garage and screened porches

If you feel that your garage is way too old-looking to match your changing lifestyle, then have it renovated and upgrade its style and functionality.

Zielk front R noon


All thanks to the varying needs and wants of homeowners, the performance ethics of Michael Nash has been molded into a more comprehensive and creative set of customs.

“We realize the design process is critical to a successful outcome,” says Nazemian. Who at the same time promises a satisfying project outcome through the expert assistance of experienced designers from Michael Nash.

Michael Nash pioneered the development of dealer relationships to directly pass on the product costs to customers as well as the first licensed contractor to open a showroom.

Looking for the best partner in crime when it comes to home remodeling? Visit Michael Nash Design, Build, & Homes at 8630A Lee Highway Fairfax, VA 22031.

Michael Nash Design, Build & Homes
8630A Lee Hwy, Fairfax, VA 22031, USA

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