Bathroom Remodel: 5 Things to Consider

Your bathroom is not a place only for bathing or shall we call it “personal hygiene activities”. You may or may not admit it, but the bathroom is everyone’s best private space. It is where your body and soul cleansing happens. Many people even admit that they can think better in the shower.

Furthermore, if you think that remodeling your bathroom is just a one-day job, then you’re not thinking straight my friend. It does need critical thinking and expert handling. That’s why you need to consult a bathroom remodeler, but I will give you the basic job for this step.

Read the following to make sure you’re not taking anything for granted in remodeling your bathroom.

Bathroom as your Personalized Space

You are not obligated to design your living room or kitchen to accommodate guests, yet it’s a common thing to consider because those are the places where you entertain them. How about your bathroom? Well, this is where you can express yourself freely. In remodeling your bathroom, take time to plan and design it according to your comfort, needs and liking.

Bathroom Remodeling Budget

Setting a budget should always come first, especially if you’re spending money for something huge. And believe me when I tell you that remodeling your bathroom is ‘something huge’. Better consult first a remodeling contractor to have an initial idea of your tentative remodeling expenses. Afterwards, take the time to adjust your budget with your dream bathroom design. Work well with your contractor because they can surely help you achieve your goal of a durable and stylish bathroom within your intended budget.

Bathroom Ventilation

Ventilation is often taken for granted in remodeling a bathroom not knowing that it’s as important as having a toilet bowl. Surprised? Well, a good ventilation is a good riddance of mold and mildew, fogging of mirrors, wood decay and saturation. With this, you are confident that you are able to keep your bathroom comfy and clean. Another thing is – install your ventilation in a proper place to keep it functioning well.

A Well Equipped Bathroom

This should be your priority! Get a closer look in every amenity you will have in your bathroom before remodeling it to avoid unexpected problems in the future. Make sure that you chose the right plumbing materials to prevent leaks, an absorbent flooring to eliminate slippery floors which mostly causes accidents, and a durable PVC (polyvinyl chloride) pipe to avoid a sudden bursting of your water supply. Keeping in mind this guide will save you from a heart attack.

Bathroom Activities

I bet you’re not giving attention to your bathroom activities as part of remodeling your bathroom – but it does matter. If you only use your bathroom for a quick bath or for just brushing your teeth, then why even bother having a bathtub or a vanity mirror? And if you use your bathroom for unwinding, then you can’t relax sitting in the sink, you obviously need a tub for a candlelit bath. Remodel your bathroom size, color and set up accordingly; keeping the question “How do you use your bathroom?”.

There are still a lot of things to consider when it comes to bathroom remodeling Dunn Loring VA, but these are the five major ones. Keep your best private space the best by planning it well with your remodeling contractor. Michael Nash Design Build & Homes is your best expert companion in bathroom remodeling.

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