Summer home improvement ideas

improvment_Ideas Summer officially starts in just a few weeks so we thought it might be time to list some home improvement ideas that are worth considering at this time of year. You’ll notice that they focus on the outside of your home. The reason is simple: the warm weather months are the best time to consider upgrading the outside of your house! So here are a few things to consider for projects: Deck: Nothing says “summer” like a deck. There are many different types but most people go with wood. However, there are also many types of wood, including some that may be more environmentally friendly. So take your time in planning and choosing before making a decision. Paint or siding: The most basic of all outdoor remodels is the outside of the house – a new paint color or a new colored siding. And don’t forget, especially where siding is concerned, new siding is a great opportunity to upgrade your insulation to make your home more energy efficient. Irrigation system (lawn & garden): Your home is more than your house. It’s also the land it is on including the yards surrounding it. When it comes to selling and “curb appeal” these can become very important. Even if selling isn’t on your mind, attractive grounds make your home more welcoming while also saying something about who you are. So consider irrigation systems. There are a number of types and they can serve different purposes. Some are more about your lawn (like sprinklers) and some are more about parts of your garden (like a drip system). Landscaping: Overall landscaping is about more than cutting the lawn. It’s about the lawn and gardens, where they are and how they are maintained. If you are giving the outside of your home “a makeover” consider starting with a plan. Windows: While windows allow light in and can add a stylish aspect to the interior of your home, they also add style to the outside. Windows are where indoor and outdoor meet. So a great summer remodeling project is replacing or upgrading existing windows. It could also be adding new windows, or a dormer or even a skylight. You might also consider installing patio doors. Summer is a beautiful season. Windows help bring that beauty inside!

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