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This family has owned their home located in prominent wooded neighborhood in heart of Oakton, Va.

They have fell in love with their large lot facing a natural lake on their backyard and a manmade with fountain lake on their left.

The back yard was heavily covered with thin and tall trees that minimizing their access to natural lake and losing a very valuable real estate.

Access was pretty difficult as the land was steep. They really had their heart set on maximizing this land. After several meeting with our design staff, the path was set to clear a large portion of backyard, allowing a path and access to lake. Then bring in dirt to grade up the area to build a round stone patio, gas burning rectangular fire pit, stone stairway accesses the upper patio.

They really wanted to live up their outdoor space. We have created a full gourmet outdoor kitchen under existing deck and tiki bar fully equipped with large scale commercial grill and overhead hood, side simmer burners, a built-in gorgeous pizza oven, new plumbing for sink, warming oven, and outdoor fridge. This area has given them a full-service kitchen area to entertain large gatherings.

On the opposite side of this upper patio facing the manmade fountain lake, we have built up wood burning outdoor fireplace and stone chimney, just perfect for those chilly Autumn nights.

Leading stone walkway led by surrounding lights was the path to new lower round patio by natural lake. We have made a beautiful water feature runway along the walkway to lower patio/ With imbedded lights in the water and constant running water fall the soothing sound of nature and signing birds was just breathtaking.

The extreme difficulties of this project were to clear lots of trees and bringing dirt to steep area and built up for this patio.

Running natural gas and electricity for fire pit in lower deck and surround lighting Bringing all facilities, water, gas and electric for upper deck to create the outdoor kitchen Walking down this heavenly path alongside of rock creek waterway and facing the beautiful scenery of lake while lounging by the firepit is the most rewarding part of the day for this family.

She always says “pictures cannot describe the joy and relaxing feel on my heavenly backyard” Their home is now the jewel of this neighborhood and a iconic symbol for the rest of the neighbors thinking and wishing their ultimate outdoor living spaces.


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