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In a smaller older kitchen, the walls cut off the entire room from the dining room and severely limited the traffic flow. The cabinets were also short and mounted against a fake soffit. The homeowners were keeping some of their kitchen goods upstairs in a closet, and they also did not have a pantry. We designed a kitchen that eliminated the wall between the rooms, which we replaced with a peninsula of cabinets that are shorter than the old wall, so there is more space to enter the kitchen. Along the opposite wall, we installed a pantry area and counter, designed around the refrigerator, which we removed from next to the stairway. This opens up all of the entrances to the kitchen, as well as the stairwall to the basement. The new taller maple cabinets are a much more efficient use of space and are also a light color that helps brighten up the whole room. The addition of recessed lighting throughout the room brightens it significantly as well. The homeowners kept their stove and refrigerator, so we installed the new dishwasher and microwave in the latest colors for the future upgrade. The microwave is now above the stove, which is more convenient than having it on the countertop as before.


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