Kitchen 62 Gallery

This newer builders kitchen was up to date, had space, but was not well laid out. The homeowners wanted to have lighted display space for their collection of glass and porcelain, and to have more seating for the family. There was a plain column supporting the upstairs, and a short wall dividing it from the family room. We replaced the column with a decorative column, and removed the short wall to the family room, replacing it with cabinetry and a counter top that can also be used for serving. These are installed in a beveled curve to match the former wall shape, and to echo the shape of the upstairs wall. We enlarged the island and added seating at the end facing the family room, and beveled it to match the contour of the cabinets facing the famly room. There is also space for a bistro table in front of the bay window. We installed a flat panel TV for the wife to view while cooking, since the family room TV is too far away. We also installed a glass door to the basement, so it allows light into the basement.


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