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A couple residing in a single family home in Reston,VA have been put in a situation to have their 85 years old mother move in with them. Their existing home and the path around it was by no mean in a condition that she can be comfortable. She had to stay on the main level for easy wheel chair access. That meant a bedroom, bathroom, laundry room, and kitchen with wider and clearer pathway were needed.
We have come up with a plan to convert the small study into her bedroom and implement a bathroom with full access shower and amenities. Here are list of the changes required by them for the kitchen and we have executed them to accommodate their new lifestyles.
Kitchen was totally remodeled to allow better traffic flow and improved lay-out to access appliances: All additional counter and cabinet space was desperately needed.
The middle bearing wall separating kitchen from family room, had to be removed and supported by engineered beams for total and seamless opening
The door access garage from kitchen had to be relocated to allow the cabinetry and breakfast counter
Tasks were desired and accomplish:
Total kitchen remodeling, with taller cherry cabinets, granite counter top, tumbled marble mosaic back splash,
appliances were placed in new location for easier access , the middle island create better traffic flow
the old south wall was covered entirely in brick and one wood burning fireplace, Now covered with matching built in bookcases, granite mantel and gas fireplace . Also a place for flat screen TV.
Texture & design aspects:
Use of natural hardwood flooring throughout for lightness and continuity
Spice color cherry cabinetry to complement existing furniture, also carefully coordinate with Exotic granite countertop. The sample stone used for fireplace heart and surround.
Chocolate color mosaic stacked backsplash connect color of cabinetry with veins running within the exotic granite slab
Mother is delighted among other things to use the new remodeled kitchen and spend time while overlooking family room.


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