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Kitchen Remodeling [PROBLEM]: Owner of this Clifton (VA) production house were seeking a substantial upgrade in both the functionality and aesthetics of the existing 14 x 22 kitchen as follows: Dropped ceiling and narrow breakfast area make a restricted footprint seem even smaller; Ceiling-flush bulkheading and the lack of useful cabinet storage causes on-going clutter, inhibits working surfaces; Original builder grade cabinets, surfaces, flooring add up to an interior that is noticeably worn and dated; Electric-powered L-shaped cooktop island is poorly positioned relative to traffic requirements, and inadequate for the owner’s gourmet cooking needs Island lacks wider surfaces required for both serving and in-kitchen dining; The floorplan is inefficient: family room accessed through a narrow door in bearing wall is too remote; compartmentalized rooms—rather than providing privacy—cause rear rooms to seem cramped; owner wants to create visual continuum via open floorplan; owner is seeking convenient places for high-end appliances such as espresso maker, 48” Viking fridge & chimney hood, to mention a few Overall, owner wants to develop an ambiance with richer accents, detailing that connotes Italianate ‘renaissance’ interiors. [SOLUTIONS]: The challenge is to implement a series of focused “strategic” revisions within the existing footprint that will support new use requirements. These include: open interior sight lines by removing obstructive bearing wall between kitchen and family room; shift loads to custom-designed Syrian archway supported by decorative chamfered pillars; reroute plumbing concealed by dropped ceiling; removed dropped ceiling; raise room ceiling height by 1.5 feet with shift entire load to integrate beam reroute ducting as needed to eliminate bulkheading design and build L-shaped island accommodates that accommodates espresso machine; Kitchen Aid mixer mounted on electronic lifter built in to cabinets create interior wall elevation for new cooktop with oven hood; relocated key appliances to improve work triangles Place refrigerator & pantry on east wall & eliminating closet [Install new cabinet system that provides 50% increase in storage capacity Install overhead fan Interior finishwork includes: White and bluish grey marble floors in checkerboard pattern leading from entrance [Burgundy/ Bordeaux Cherrywood cabinets Volga blue granite surfaces Pendant lights; recessed lights

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