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A young couple has recently moved into a large single-family home in Fairfax station suburb of Virginia with firm determination to tackle the Master bathroom suite remodeling, putting it at the top of their agenda. 

They felt that the existing bathroom was too dysfunctional and chopped up for their taste. They wanted an open concept plan. After meeting with our staff, they all agreed on an open floor plan that met the couple’s needs. The shower was relocated and enlarged. The built-in tub, which took a lot of floor space, was removed and replaced with a slip-free, standing tub. The commode was moved to the other side of the bathroom in its own space.  

The bathroom was enlarged by a few feet, taking space from the adjacent closet and bedroom to make room for two separate vanities for the couple. They were adamant about having their own separate spaces. 

The doorway was widened, which meant moving ductwork and plumbing around to accommodate the new arrangement. We installed a cool barn door as the bathroom entrance. 

Each of the vanities was equipped with decorative mirrors and sconces lights. It made the bathroom fancy and elegant. 

We have taken out a window to place the shower in that space, which meant redoing siding and reframing to create a seamless exterior appearance. 

The elegant plank porcelain floors are embedded with hexagonal marble inlay for the shower floor and tub surround. It made this total transformation even more memorable. 

The shower is equipped with multi-functional fixtures – a hand shower and beautiful custom glass inlay on the feature wall. A custom French door style shower enclosure is icing on the cake.  

The heated floors and heated towel warmers are other added amenities for their pleasure. 

Now more than ever, this couple loves to retire to their master bathroom after a long day of work and dealing with kids.

  • Space added from the closet to enlarge the bathroom space
  • Raise the ceiling over the bathtub & add a transom window
  • Relocate commode & vanities
  • Folding black custom glass enclosure
  • Large open shower with decorative tile
  • New linen cabinets were added next to the bathtub
  • Wood-look tile with flat river stone brought a spa feel to this bathroom
  • Custom color vanity cabinets designed with decorative mirrors & sconce lights

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