Bathroom 138 Gallery

A large bath in a modern home had a fair amount of space, but it was not laid out well, and the materials were white builder’s grade tile and cabinetry. The owners wanted a bath that would be luxurious and reflect their style in the rest of their large contemporary home. The bath was an odd shaped space, that had a shower that was too small and tucked in the wall behind the tub, and lots of wall corners sticking out. There was a mud/laundry room next door that we decided to reconfigure to create a better use of space in both areas. To do this, we moved a portion of the wall back into the laundry room to gain space to enlarge the shower, which we moved over from behind the tub. We moved the toilet into that space. This change gave us more space for the shower, but also a longer wall for the double vanity, which we were able to enlarge as well. On the opposite side, that straight wall also gave us space for cabinetry for storage and folding laundry. We chose a southwestern color palette to warm up the space, added framed full mirrors, espresso cabinetry, and tile detailing for upgrades. We also installed a temperature controlled whirlpool tub for additional luxury.


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