Rambler built in 1963 was occupied by a couple for last five years had very limited living space and a galley kitchen.
The house was so old that breeze was getting through as cavities, outlets, door and windows. On a windy day being inside felt like outside.
They wanted to air tight this home with their new remodeling project. As well as expanding the kitchen, add front porch, more dining room space and a bonus all purpose sunroom/family room.
This house was located on the downward hill which meant lots of water running toward the basement and constant wetness.
We have designed an addition for the back of the old kitchen and entire side of the house. The other part of this addition was in front which included closet spaces, and front porch.
In order to make this side and back addition to happen we had to excavate a lot of dirt and ground, then create a new contour to their grading levels. We have implemented couple of retaining walls with techno block stone system and stone steps to get to upper level of back yard. This creates the drop needed to allow new addition to be level with the house. Also with implementing new French drain system all drainage where re-routed to be away from foundations.
We also water proofed the remaining part of the old house to keep it dry.
The new addition was done with thicker walls which much higher open cell foam insulation in floor joists, ceiling rafters and walls. All other cavities and outlets were gotten filled with expandable foam and caulking. A ridge vent and vented soffit were added to old and as well as all new parts. The heavier and maintained free siding and PVC trim where used all over.
The front elevation was replaced with concrete stairs and concrete front porch.
A high efficiency gas fireplace with cultured marble stone surround was added into the new addition for better source of heat.
The new high efficiency HVAC replaced the old system. As well as new tank-less water heater bringing better hot water circulation for entire home.
We have create a larger kitchen floor plan with its Green plywood custom cabinetry and Quartz counter top to better serve this family. The kitchen now has much better lay-out and a lot more storage.
Energy star appliances, water saving faucets and low maintenance tile floors made this family extremely happy.
Use of Low VOC paint and stains throughout the project was essential since she had allergies toward most paints.
Architectural shingle with rubber membrane sub layer, 6” wide gutter guard system for gutters and down spouts all connected to underground drainage system are few other features of this project.
Use of 400 series Andersen energy star windows and doors kept this home as air tight as it’s ever been.
The color scheme used in the floors, cabinetry and accents were carefully put together to interconnect with the rest of the home and new furniture style they were planning to add to their home.
As bright as it can be taking advantage of south side daylight and sun shine through the half circular transom windows made this project as bright as it can be.


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