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Having recently retired, the owner of a circa-1980’s center hall Colonial is looking for a multi-component indoor/outdoor screen porch and decking complex to complete an appreciably undefined rear elevation and– more importantly– to provide a platform that will bring the family into comfortable proximity with the beautiful woodland abutting the property.

Plans call for removing an existing railed deck accessible from a kitchen door and relocating a slightly lower (2 step-down) unrailed wooden patio situated a few inches above grade.
These are to be replaced with a spacious, architecturally-distinctive screened porch with a well-articulated interior equipped with the resources to keep down heat gain and dissipate chill as needed.
The porch must be directly accessible from the house an provide doors that exit directly to the lawn (via a 4-tread staircase) and onto a same level-barbecuing deck directly accessible from the kitchen. This, in turn, will segues to the relocated grade-level patio.
Owing to a grade that slopes towards the house, there is an exant drainage problem that will need to be addressed to conduct run-off and prevent water seepage that could otherwise erode foundations.
Owners are also interested in appreciably maintenance-free decking.

The project began by re-grading the site, reducing the precariously positioned slope and introducing a system of French drains that effectively keeps water away from the new foundation.
The new screened porch’s 20’ x 20’ flooring is configured as a “septagon” (seven sides), a shape that lends considerable visual to a previously austere elevation. Also, an existing rear elevation window is replaced with double French doors that now provide direct access to the house.
The porch’s 16’ cathedral ceiling features two 2’ x 4’ skylights and a beaded panel ceiling. Cedar shake—matching existing materials– was specified for the roof
The porch interior is equipped with a multi-speed rotary fan and baseboard heating units. It is also wired to provide access to phone and the internet.
The new flooring—which now extends to a 12’ x 12’ barbecuing deck– is constructed entirely of Trex. The trim, casings and railings are also comprised of this maintenance free building material.


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