This modest single family home was getting cramped for this family with three growing children. Their bedrooms were small, especially the master bedroom and bath, and the couple wanted to have their own master suite, and give the kids larger rooms as well. We put an addition on the rear and created a larger kitchen on the main level, and master suite upstairs. This allowed them to bump each of the children into larger rooms, including their former master bedroom. This also gave the kids more baths so they did not have to share.
We utilized the rear yard for the addition, which required special drainage accomodations (french drains on the foundation) since they have a steep short hill in the back yard, and the entire house was resided. Most of the roof changes took place to the rear of the second story, which we blended the roof lines in with the addition.
We used quality materials throughout, including new wood floors on the main level, tile, granite and hardwood cabinetry in the kitchen and baths. We replaced insulation, plumbing, roofing, and lighting fixtures, painted and added mouldings, new windows and doors, and other small touches. The house blends together indoors and out, and you cannot tell that it was added onto from looking at it.


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