2018 NARI Capital CotY Grand Award Winner, Residential Kitchen $100,001 to $150,000

This real estate couple owned a contemporary house overlooking Lake Anne in Reston area. They are contemplating on relocation or investing for a total remodel. Weighing in their previous experiences, they did not think they can accomplish what they want with their budget.

After consulting our group and hear what we had to offer, they were more inclined to stay and bite the bullet. They were very impressed with what our design staff said.

The current residence was boxy and very traditional in the inside despite of its contemporary exterior. A closed-in dining room, narrow hallway, living room separated by a bearing wall from the back part of the house, and enclose straight up staircase were all big problems. A small breakfast area and family room was not well used.

Our staff offered to take down the bearing wall of the dining room and kitchen, close up the dining room window that was eight meters away from the next-door neighbor, relocate and expand the kitchen into the dining room, getting rid of the adjacent hallways and add it to the kitchen space, widen living room walls and old arch hallways into a wider opening to the front part of home and back family room.

We replaced the back windows with a big sliding door to a future deck space, allowing the maximum amount of daylight inside and teared out the ragged-looking peninsula fireplace with a newer contemporary fireplace and stone surround which is just stunning.

Opening up the sidewalls of the staircase and replace all railings with cable rails was such a smart and uplifting effort to move this home up the chain to its potential.

The modernized and well-equipped kitchen with its amazing quartz countertop and complemented with its superb backsplash tile and hanging pendant lights just made this open floor plan a beloved space to hold gatherings. The new wide plank flooring on both levels made it seamless.

Our staff has offered light shades of grey, white cabinets complementing the distressed flooring. All and all, they are super excited with their decision to stay and remodel. She said she never could have imagined her old home to have this much potential.

The color schemes are all so settled and light, giving them lots of options to decorate around. Now more than ever, they get to enjoy this uplifted home.


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