2016 NARI Capital CotY Grand Award Winner, Residential Exterior Under $100,000

This family of four with their young girls loved to spend time in outdoors, they recently had a pool build in their backyard of Estate home in heart of Clifton.

Behind their existing sun deck , they had a wood area that was e , not allowing sun get into pool and deck area, the landscaping was in a shape that high and created a disconnect to lower level.

They wants to have a Bath-house/changing area serving a connection from outside Jacuzzi and pool deck. Also a screen porch area as they loved to have their dinners outdoor.

Planning was easy but execution was a different story. Clearing the east side of the lot and excavating to lower level to create this bath-house area was a big challenge.

We have done so with a space of 25’x35’ dug for four feet lower than pool deck, Creating a walkway path and stone staircase to a flagstone bathhouse patio. Wrapped around in stone covered columns and frenzy ceiling fans in bath-house was a space for changing and relaxing. Also bridging between Jacuzzi area and main pool deck.

Above all of this, we have built a four seasons Screen porch/ dining space for their all-around use. Covered with a stone looking porcelain tile, beaded panel cathedral ceiling, recess and authentic hanging light.

Building a bridge from main sun deck into the Screen porch through a Custom made Iron gated doors is one of the most attractive feature of this project. Just above it we hang customer provided authentic porch light.

The stone selection and color scheme have all been so carefully selected to interact with remaining sun pool and backyard surroundings.


Landscaping and grading the exterior have all been magnificently planned and executed so there is no one can notice the work was performed at latter time.

This family get to enjoy their outdoor as they intended too from day one.


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