One-Level Master Suite Enables Aging-in-Place

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Source: Alexandria Gazette Packet, April 05 – 11, 2018

Solution addresses long-term needs arising from spouse’s stroke.

By John Byrd

Fred and Liz Saalfeld had occupied their four-bedroom 2,800-squarefoot Colonial in Springfield for nearly five decades when the unexpected caused them to reconsider basic housing needs. Without warning, Liz Saalfeld suffered a heart attack. Her mobility — previously hampered by arthritis — now became seriously compromised.

Looking ahead, a wheelchair-access plan also now seemed prudent to Fred Saalfeld, who increasingly relied a pair of canes to get around.

The proposed retrofit was a tall order, however. The master bedroom was on the second floor; the laundry room in the basement. There was an open carport, but no extra storage space. The master bathroom was just too narrow for a wheelchair — assuming there was a way to mount the stairs.

Equally relevant, the home’s surrounding landscaping was undeveloped, with a steep hill in the backyard. There were places to sit, but no quiet places to stretch out and relax. < Read More >



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