Old for new – replacing windows


Spring is the time we think again about the outdoors or home improvement and many people start to think about bringing it inside the house with windows. Their remodeling ideas include replacing old ones with new.

Windows are about two things: beauty and function.

The variety of windows available to us today just seems to grow. Here are a few of the standard kinds available:

  • Fixed – a basic window, one that does not open.
  • Double hung – a traditional window found in older homes where only the lower half opens.
  • Casement – these windows swing open and closed usually with a crank.
  • Awning – these windows are like casement windows but swing up and down.
  • Sliding – another traditional window, these slide to either side on tracks.

Windows provide us with a wide variety of options, even the standard, traditional style can be anything but standard depending on the options you choose.

When planning your remodel, consider doing something a little more. For example, you might choose:

  • Bay windows
  • Bow windows
  • Accent windows
  • Garden windows

These can also allow for a window seat because of their style.

You may even want to consider replacing a window with something like French swing doors that opened onto your backyard – that would really open up a room.

The window types are many and the variety of decorative styles is wide. And replacing windows is not simply about make your home more beautiful. The right windows can make your home more energy efficient and environmentally sound.

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