Metro Area’s “Best Whole House Remodel for Under $250k”

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Innovative Michael Nash solution wins “Contractor of the Year” (COTY) Award

A two-level front and rear elevation expansion to a 60 year old rambler has won a “Contractor of the year” award (COTY) for Nash Design Build and Homes.

The design solution– in which the footprint of a small bungalow was enlarged to accommodate a second floor as large as the existing first floor– was introduced to the home of a south Arlington woman who had occupied for over 30 years.

The project was named the “best whole house remodel for under $250,000” by the National Association of the Remodeling Industry’s metro DC chapter.

In accepting the honor, Michael Nash president and founder Sonny Nazemian credited his design and engineering team, which surmounted a host of complex architectural, space-planning and regulatory challenges.

“Homeowners today are actively searching for creative ways to satisfy lifestyle requirements by retrofitting their existing home,” Nazemian said, “but when a house is over fifty years old– the appropriate solution may not be obvious. The trick is knowing what can be deleted, and what can be preserved. The goal is to enhance the whole property functionally, aesthetically– and as an investment.”

For the homeowner, a busy mental health professional who maintains a private professional practice on-premise, the makeover resolves a long-running problem that seemed to have no easy answers.

“She wanted an accommodation that would make it easier for visiting patients,” Nazemian discloses. “We added a side entrance specifically for this purpose.” < Read More >

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