Kitchen Trends 2022: The Up and Coming Kitchen Designs You Don’t Want to Miss

When you think of kitchen design, the sky is the limit. With so many timeless and innovative kitchen styles popping up every season, there is something for everyone. Let's take a look at some of the up-and-coming kitchen designs of 2022.

Mix-and-Match Antiques and Vintages

Integrating some antique and vintage furniture and elements into your kitchen can have the immediate effect of creating a warm and inviting environment. One of the most preferred looks includes the wooden “farmhouse” kitchen table, chairs, and dressers that have a rustic look. Vintage and antique elements are timeless and can lend character to your cooking space.


To complete the look, add Delft tiles to the walls and some period-style lighting to create a perfect timeless aura.

Closed-Off Kitchens

Although open-plan kitchens will remain very much on-trend in 2022, closed-off kitchens are also making a comeback. People now want to separate food preparation from their homework. A closed-off kitchen also prevents the overpowering smell of cooking from pervading your entire home.


It offers a cozier atmosphere and is an isolated, intimate, and special place where you can do your prep work and cook in peace, away from the hustle and bustle of the entire family.

Glazed Backsplash

The trend of tiled kitchen backsplashes won’t go out of style anytime soon but we are now seeing a shift away from the matte-finish tiles to the glossier ones. A glazed tile comes with added advantages like easier cleaning. In addition, glazed tiles also scatter natural light across the space, making the kitchen look brighter, regardless of the color.


Some of the most popular color choices of glazed tiles are deep forest green, which creates a gorgeous contrast when paired with marble surfaces or rustic wooden furniture. This adds a layer of different textures to the space.


If you don’t want such a bold color, soft-white or off-white tiles are also a great choice since they go with everything, make the kitchen seem brighter and give it a clean and modern look.

Versatile Cabinetry Material

There is a growing interest in the market for innovative cabinet designs. Although pale wood cabinets have been all the rage this season, people are now looking to create their cabinetry from more unusual materials like plaster, stone, and even rough concrete. This kind of material was limited to countertops but it is now making its way to kitchen cabinetry.


It will be very exciting to see sleek, more furniture-like cabinetry using luxurious materials to create stunning fixtures.

Accents and Pop of Color

White kitchens are a classic, but now people are also interested in lots of color in their kitchen that will make a powerful statement and allow the homeowners’ personality to shine through.


Color is now being used in unexpected ways in the kitchen. People are now becoming more daring and incorporating color into dramatic veins of their countertops, kitchen cabinetry, shelving, and tabletops.


Many people are plunging deep into this and creating dramatic backsplashes in vibrant colors and beautiful detailing as well as buying brightly-colored appliances to match the whole vibe. If this is too much for you, you can also opt for small pops of color here and there or choose more pastel colors like pale lavender, teals, and peachy-creams.

Show-Stopping Stones

People are now using stones in their kitchens in innovative ways, like adding fluted countertop edges, adding stone around kitchen windows, or creating stone cabinet handles. However, if you want to make a statement, creating a show-stopping island, countertop, or backsplash with glamorous stone tops offers a more layered look for people who love neutral tones and minimalism. You can also refresh your sink by making it with stone or heavily veined marble.

Layered Lighting

Lighting in the kitchen can be tricky. These days, we have a thousand and one different kinds of lighting to brighten your kitchen. Most people prefer to add dozens of downlighters into the kitchen ceiling and be done with it, but the trend is now towards more sophisticated lighting.


It is a good idea to add a few downlighters on top of your workspace but one of the ways you can add some personality to the space is by hanging a set of bold pendants just a few feet above your countertop. These can give you the right amount of lighting to work but also mark the distinctive areas in your kitchen.

Adding a Pantry

In the past few years, pantry cupboards have established themselves as one of the must-have items in a modern kitchen. Adding a pantry cupboard in your kitchen makes perfect sense as you can place all your food and ingredients in a single space in a more organized way rather than have them scattered on numerous shelves and cupboards.


Another benefit of a pantry is that you can get rid of some of the wall cupboards in your kitchen, which will open up more space in the kitchen and allow you to add a beautiful piece of artwork in the space.

Incorporating Natural Elements

During the pandemic, many people opted to use natural elements in their kitchens, including unpainted wood, marble, and granite. Not only do they provide texture and rich quality to your kitchen, but you will also be reducing the amount of chemically treated elements in your kitchen, increasing health benefits.


Adding subtle-grained pale timber flooring or furniture can highlight the depth in your limestone or marble backsplash.

Metallic Finishes

People these days don’t just want materials that look good, but they also want high quality materials that have integrity as well. That’s why, many kitchens are now being spray-painted with metallic finished on wood, instead of real metals, to bring out their natural beauty.


One trend that is making quite the style statement these days and gold-finished faucets and sinks that add a vibe of glamor and luxury to your kitchen.

Glass Partitions

After years of tearing down walls to create large open kitchens, we are now back to appreciating the benefits of a closed door. A glass partition can cut off your cooking space with the rest of your living space and help keep the smells of the food in. However, it does not compromise on light and allows you total visibility of what is going in your home so that you still stay connected with your family.


If your existing kitchen design does not allow for a fully glazed wall, you can opt for a small glass panel that can give you the illusion of a bigger kitchen and provides a backdrop for your furniture.

Open Shelves and Floating Shelves

The kitchen can become a cluttered place since there is so much going on in there. If you are looking for a clean and restrained look for your kitchen, it is a good idea to keep your walls bare and add open shelves and floating shelves instead of wall-hung cabinetry.

The cabinetry in the kitchen takes up a lot of wall space and can make your kitchen look slightly cramped. You can tear these off and replace them with single-plank open shelves that float a few feet above the countertop. This can give a much cleaner look to your kitchen.


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