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2007 NARI Capital CotY Honorable Mention

This unique Tuscan kitchen does a lot of entertaining. The homeowners wanted to be able to prepare their family meals with lots of counter space, store all of their wine in the wine rack, and have all of the bill paying in one central location in this kitchen. We also designed a larger pantry for them. We wrapped the cabinets around the outside walls, and put the pantry and “desk” area together on the inside wall. We shortened the window over the sink so we could put lower cabinets where there had been a gap in the cabinets along the wall. We kept the larger window in the breakfast table area and installed beveled end cabinets for a smoother flow between the two areas. We moved the stove over to the far wall, in place of an old window, giving more space for cabinets around it and gaining storage space overall. The taller cabinets give them extra storage as well. They can now prepare plates for all of the family on the island, something they could not do before because they did not have enough counter space. The island also functions as a seating area for the kids to eat snacks.

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