2006 NARI Capital CotY Finalist Award Winner

Remodeling this kitchen caused a major transformation in the whole living area of this older home. Kitchen, dining and living areas were separated by walls and small doorways, so the space was very divided and the rear of the house, kitchen and dining areas, were very dark. The owners wanted it opened up and they were hoping to have a larger space with more storage as well. Now they have a spectacular living space, which includes the kitchen. We removed the walls between all three rooms, installing a steel beam between the kitchen and living areas to support the second story. This allowed us to open up the walls completely without utilizing any support columns. The difference is amazing. The three rooms together make the entire area seem much larger than it was before. We also installed plenty of lighting in the kitchen area, which helps brighten it up on dreary days. They now have a connection between all of their living areas, in a way that the family can socialize while preparing meals and working at home, or watching TV and entertaining. They got the display cabinet that they requested as well, so there is no loss of space to display their collectibles

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