2008 National NARI Regional Award

To renovate and enlarge this kitchen, we needed to remove the peninsula configuration, and move the supporting wall back into the adjacent living room, to widen the doorway and provide the additional space that the homeowners needed for the cabinetry wall and larger refrigerator that they wanted. We also removed the recessed pantry cabinet that was located in the wall between the kitchen and family room. We created an island for seating and extra storage, and made additional space for the breakfast table near the double doors to the outside deck. We created a decorative hutch for the wife’s china and glasses, across from the breakfast table. We enlarged the dining room doorway, and moved it over to allow for cabinetry on that wall. We shifted the double doors to the outside down to make room for cabinetry along the outside wall. The new kitchen now functions better than before, and is much brighter.

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