DSC 1845

2007 NARI Capital CotY Grand Award Winner

This large townhouse kitchen had enough space, but the homeowners did not like the configuration and there was interrupted flow by a peninsula that cut off the traffic to the deck, which they used often for cooking out. We redesigned the kitchen to have a continuous flow between the dining room and the outside deck. We replaced the peninsula with a large island, that contains a sink and separate small refrigerator, making drinks and food more accessible to the outside, and giving them a separate preparation area for outdoors. The island also has display space for their porcelains. The main cooking and prep area is along the back wall and the cabinetry above it is decorative as well as functional with glass doors and bookshelves. The range hood is also custom decorated and styled to fit the look of this kitchen, which is antique and rich. The homeowners have numerous antiques and they wanted an open kitchen that blended in with that look. The neutral tones of this kitchen are rich and dark enough to accomplish that look. The refrigerator and wall ovens are off to the side of the room, so they are unobtrusive in the design.

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