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2011 NARI Capital CotY Honorable Mention Award Winner

1980 home in heart of Oakton, VA occupied by young couple and their three children. They have lived four years in this house and as kids grow up and their karate, soccer, tutoring, piano and other activities growing as well which made their home looks more cramped than ever. It all began with front foyer looking to a dark because of a long 25’ wall on left separating the entire family room but a 30” doorway. In front was a narrow hallway and intersection to hell. On the right there was a door leading into basement stairs. Inches pass another doorway on the right going into a dungeon looking kitchen. And straight ahead was a 5’x4’ powder room which was placed in the middle of this mix.
The kitchen was tucked away and owned into a box bay breakfast a bump out that literary falling apart. The entire kitchen was on sides and cramped into L-shape surrounded with doorways.
They needed help and sadly enough soon as the situation was ditiriating. Our design staff met up with clients and put a plan together that Wow them.
We have started from core of the problem which was the darkness and maze effect of the hallways.
There was a available space behind mudroom/ laundry room area ( part of garage ) that was not used appropriately. So we have built out a 7’x10’ an interior space and combined that space with current mudroom to create a separate laundry room, a new powder room and mud room directly from garage to family room. Entire plumbing and electrical was move thorough the basement and busting concrete slab to be placed into new laundry room and powder room area.
Then the 25’ load baring wall separating Foyer from Family room was totally taken out and replaced with a long supporting beam. a Big French door replaced the small door and window of the south side of this family from leading into screen porch . This action allowed lots of lights get into family and foyer.
Then we totally removed the existing powder room from the middle and took out the partition wall between kitchen and family room. This made the kitchen totally open and connected to family room.
The drag looking butler and closet was eliminated and load baring walls were all replaced with support beams .
Now we are into the kitchen. The falling apart box bay was all demolished. It got replaced with new walls and a large window. The plumbing for main sink and dishwasher got relocated into this box bay allowing a total transformation of the space. An all around kitchen. Cabinets and counters on all sides.
The doorway to dining room was reconfigured to allow butler area on its left. While the right side was occupied with new 36” gas range top and decorative wood hood above it, all tall elements ( Frig and Microwave/oven and pantries) took over the other leg of this L-shape part.
A large Island with a prep. Sink close to cooking area and beverage center for kids drink occupied the center part of kitchen. Island offered seating and friends to keep company with the cook.
The old closet space was their due to major duct working running through it. All of these duct work and plumbing was re-routed and made a space for a large desk area for kids to do homework while parents can cook and supervise.
All dark paneling of family room was taken down and got replaced with new insulation, drywall , crown molding and paint. A 12’ long matching color built in was constructed to allow space for entertainment center, bookcases and trophies.
New hardwood floors was installed throughout to create a seamless first floor, while use of recess lighting, pendent lights and task lighting made much brighter space.
Choice of using light butterscotch cabinetry with touch of caramel glazing and light exotic stone tops by our designers contributed to brightness of this level . Also the contrasting distressed Island with darker finish made a connection will clients choice of dinette set and other furnishing.
The stone backsplash with its inlaid design sets off the kitchen background.
This total transformation has changed this family’s way of living. Now they all can attend to their busy schedules without bumping into each other and be cramped into small kitchen or dungeon looking family room.
Since client is a member of their kids PTA and active member of our HOA , inviting big groups and entertainment has been more possible while she is bragging about her new kitchen to friends.

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