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2011 NARI Capital CotY Finalist Award Winner

Owners of a circa 1990’s Colonial home were seeking to convert existing space-constricted builder-grade kitchen into a generously-apportioned Tuscan-style country kitchen with lots of natural light, high-end appointments and a warmly textured interior design concept. Among other features owner’s sought a mid room island that would house critical appliances, complete work triangles and provided dining counter space for three. They were also seeking a professional caliber gas range.
Situated between dining room and family room, the existing kitchen is small and poorly planned. The sink faces a blank wall; many appliances are inadequate for the owner’s gourmet cooking ambitions.
To create the desired footprint, the contractor’s plan called for consolidating square footage in several rooms adjacent to the kitchen. This entailed removing two load bearing walls– one between the kitchen and dining room, a second separating the kitchen and family room– and shifting loads to newly installed structural supports carefully concealed within the resultant “open” floor plan.
To accommodate new appliances (and work efficiencies) called for by a radically altered space plan, we located the new professional gas range and other key features in the footprint formerly occupied by the breakfast room, a change that takes advantage of opportunities for a higher cathedral ceiling, better natural lighting and greater space.
With this space plan resolved, we could now eliminate a picture window on the west elevation, designing a new elevation to accommodate a stucco cooktop flanked by a pair of custom Palladium windows.
A side elevation slider was replaced with a French door. We also installed a new window on the old breakfast room’s west elevation.
Infrastructure considerations including introducing gas lines needed for the 48” Viking cooktop range and re-routing plumbing.
The 5’ x 9’ granite surfaced custom designed island includes the kitchen primary sink, a dishwasher, microwave and dining overhang that accommodates seating for three or four.
On the south side of the kitchen, we installed ceiling flush “beaded” display pantries with open bookcases, and routed-in plumbing for a spiked water fountain, a faucet and an ice-making machine.
Glazed maple and cherry cabinetry augmented available storage by over 50% .A recessed space was also created for a built-in vertical wine rack
Style-appropriate terra cotta tiling with mosaic bordering detailing extends/continue into foyer. Other finishing work elements include crown moulding with rounded turnposts; corbels
LED and recessed halogen lights provide subtle sources for adjustable illumination.

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