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2010 NARI Capital CotY Grand Award Winner

A young couple with toddlers purchased foreclosed home and needed extensive renovations before they moved the entire family in.
Entrance to the house was confronted by stairs on right and narrow hallway that lead to 8×14 galley kitchen (not conducive to the family’s needs)
Small dining room surrounded by railing placed at an awkward angle.
Immediate left of narrow hallway was sunk in two story living room.
Since kitchen was far too small our design team decided to eliminate down bearing walls and combine small dining room and galley kitchen into one large family gathering kitchen with eating area, by relocating the working kitchen into the dining room
Relocating duct and plumbing work
Inserted new steel beam to restructure new load.
Replaced south windows of old dining room with wider but shorter windows to allow new kitchen sink to sit below (this allows client to be able to watch children play in backyard from new kitchen location)
In new west wall we installed new wall appliances
Installed new big island with cook top for multipurpose which helped open up traffic pattern
Butler area also included with secondary sink easy child access to under counter fridge.
In new space family room floor was raised to become level with rest of first floor
Brazilian cherry wood floors were installed to enhance richness of room
Archways were built for style and pleasant viewing from each room
Added an island for sitting
Removed the wall between kitchen and family room to open the floor plan between kitchen, family room, and dining room
Opened floor plan to living room, family room and foyer to make a huge transformation of the home
Overall the customers satisfaction was delivered by making the kitchen the heart of the home. The living and dining area large enough for family gatherings and entertaining. This huge transformation has made all the differences in this once cluttered and narrow home for this young couple.

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