Halloween Special: What Makes Bathrooms Scary in Loudoun County, VA

Here is another Halloween special for you guys. If you have read the previous blog post about basements and why you should remodel them, you might be interested in reading this one as well. Although this post may not be as intriguing and horrific like the first one, you are still in for a treat. Now, let’s talk about bathrooms. Aside from the disturbing idea that most of the scariest scenes in movies took place in bathrooms, people are basically just scared of them. Not because it’s the perfect setting for a horror story, but because it is the one particular room in the house that people try to stay away from. However, before you form crazy ideas in your head, here are a list of things that will give you a better understanding as to why the words “bathroom” and “scary” are joined together in a sentence here.

1. Stained tiles

stained-tiles-before-and-after-michael-nash White tiles are the basics when picturing a random bathroom. They are often as sparkly as a healthy set of teeth and they are somehow easy to clean as well. White also complements a lot of design and shower curtain color, so homeowners are alright with having them. But these tiles won’t stay pearly and bright forever. Stained tiles are unpleasant to look at. They are dirty and they are almost unbearable to step on.

2. Tiny shower area

tiny-shower-before-and-after-michael-nash Shower and bathroom go so well together, however, the experience may not be the same every time. When you are still half asleep and you need something to wake you up, a quick cold shower is more than welcome. You probably wouldn’t notice your surroundings that much either. But if you are conscious enough to actually be aware of where you are, your imagination can run wild and if the shower isn’t spacious enough, you might find it hard to move… or breathe!

3. Horrible lighting

horrible-bathroom-lighting The moment you look at the bathroom mirror and notice the light flicker, the next thing your mind would possibly suggest right after checking if something is wrong, is to get out of the room as fast as you can. That’s because any light flickering scenarios is often always followed by something bloody and unimaginable in horror movies. Poor lighting is great in discouraging you, your family, and your guests from entering your bathroom. They might as well hold their pee in or pass by the opportunity to shower.

4. Lack of space

very-tiny-bathroom-space-michael-nash It is said that some of the worst and best ideas are formed in the bathroom. Should you envision a sickening image of a ghost, a monster, a long-haired lady in white, or an aggressive murderer, having a small space would give you less chances to escape. You have to have more than enough room to step back, run to, or move freely in your moments of sudden paranoia. Horror movies are mere work of fiction. Don’t let them haunt you. To kill all of your bad thoughts with bathrooms, get a complete bathroom remodeling in Loudoun County, VA. Michael Nash Design, Build & Homes has got what it takes to transform your old bath into a luxurious one. So get rid of those ugly tiles, expand your shower area, add light into the room and ask the experts to expand its space. In the end, all of that would be worth the shot.

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