1-ManWith winter well upon us now, the idea of a fireplace comes easily to mind. Adding a fireplace to your custom home builders in virginia can be a wonderful addition and in many cases it is practical since they can provide an additional heating source.
A fireplace can be quite simple or quite elaborate with additions like hearth, mantel, screen and so on.
There are a number of fireplace types available though generally they are either the traditional wood burning kind or gas (propane or natural gas). There are others however, such as electric and gel, and they are increasing in popularity.
Usually when we hear the word “fireplace,” we think of the traditional, built-in kind but today’s fireplaces can come in a range of sizes and shapes and are often even portable.
The type we choose should depend on the space available to us and on what we want from the fireplace. For many, it will be simply as a decorative feature for their home. Others will want something that serves the additional function of providing a good heat source and some fireplaces will do that more efficiently than others.
It’s also important to consider what pollutants may or not be emitted by your fireplace choice. For example, propane is usually a little bit more energy efficient than a traditional wood burning fireplace but it also emits fewer pollutants.
From a decorative standpoint, once you have chosen your fireplace you may want to consider a mantel. These can be very elaborate and ornate or they can be quite simple. Your personal style will dictate what you choose.
When fireplace and mantel are combined, they can be the centerpiece of your room and provide a cozy place around which to gather and enjoy the warmth of friends and family, as well as the warmth of the fireplace itself.
In the winter months, it is where you will want to be!

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