Rear Elevation Optimizes House For Growing Family

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Source: Fairfax County Times Homes, Friday – Sunday, November 17 – 19, 2017 How Master Designer/ Remodeler Sonny Nazemian finds useful square footage in places others overlook By John Byrd SPECIAL TO THE FAIRFAX COUNTY TIMES   Robert Brooks and Julie Griffith had occupied their 2,800-square-foot Colonial in McLean for over 20 years. In time, the house had proved an ideal place to raise a family, but as the two children grew, it had gradually come to seem inadequate. Recognizing that the good local schools and easy commute to work would be hard to replace, the couple had decided against shopping for a larger residence further out. Enlarging the existing house was a consideration, but what plan would work? There was much about the existing house that called for improvement. The kitchen was small, dark and dated. The original U-shaped kitchen counter, which incorporated the range oven and the sink, made it difficult for the cook to move freely into other rooms when entertaining. Storage was limited. Circulation between the kitchen and other first-level rooms often caused traffic jams. Upstairs, the master bathroom was too small; floor space in their teen daughter’s bedroom was hardly large enough to accommodate a work station…<Read More>

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