Decade of Excellence


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Source: ELAN MAY 2018

We re-graded, leveled and re-compacted the whole front yard. That may sound simple, but the site changes are carefully calibrated. This allowed us to specify deep footings for structural support eliminating the need to excavate.

A decade is a long time in the lifespan of a remodeler. While Northern Virginia boasts many companies that have plied their trade for a generation or more, the fact is that the remodeling business – like most enterprises based on contracts – tends to be perishable.

That said, one must marvel at the optimism when the industry’s most prestigious purveyor of best-quality work introduces its first ever “Decade of Excellence” award. To win, according to Director Ken Kanline who developed the Chrysalis awards in 2000, a remodeler must have won at least one Chrysalis every year for the past decade.

“Performance consistency over time has become the critical variable in evaluating remodelers,” Kanline says. “’The Decade of Excellence’ award gets past the question of whether a firm has performed well periodically, and introduces the more relevant long-term reliability issue. Our goal is to identify remodeling brands with staying power.”< Read More >

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