Consider a remodel that includes the front porch


In the spring of the year when we think of remodeling we often think of a deck – adding one, expanding one or replacing one. But what about the front porch?

It’s a part of the home easily neglected. Increasingly, however, the front porch is being rediscovered and rejuvenated as homeowners realize how important it is for making a statement about their house and for their simple enjoyment.

Essentially, porches fall into two types. There is the porch that acts as a type of gateway into the home and there is the porch that acts as a living space. The first type tends to be smaller and the second larger, in some cases even wrapping around the side of the house.

When remodeling and refurbishing a front porch it’s important to know which of these two types your porch will be.

Once you know what type your porch is or will be, you’ll need to decide what kind it will be. There are generally four.

Covered: This is where the roof extends several feet beyond the edge of the house creating a shaded, covered area. Poles are used as support and it may have a railing. It may also have steps leading up to it or it may be level with the ground.

Screened: This is a covered porch. However, rather than a railing it has a short wall. It has poles for support but also several additional supports and it is between these that screens are placed.

Wraparound: More common in larger, older homes, as the name implies this porch runs along the front of the house but also wraps around at least one side of the house.

Pergola: This is where the roof of the home does not extend out past the edge of the house. Instead, the pergola porch uses supports and crossbeams to create a sem-covered “roof.” It is generally flat and creates a shaded area for a sitting space.

Whether as an attractive way to welcome visitors to your home improvement or as a living space that faces onto your community, your front porch is an important part of your home.

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