Carpet and hardwood – weigh the all the factors

carpetwoodWhen deciding between carpet and hardwood for your home the first thing to keep in mind is that it doesn’t have to be either/or. You can have both. You can have hardwood in some rooms, like the living room and dining room, and carpet in others, like the bedrooms.
Carpet and hardwood both have advantages and disadvantages.
You should begin your comparisons by starting with cost because budget is a huge factor in all remodeling decisions. For an accurate comparison, decide on the quality you want, be it carpet or hardwood and compare them at that same level of quality. You’ll likely find carpet appealing when cost alone is the deciding factor but there are other factors to keep in mind, and they make hardwood the choice you go with.
If you live in a colder climate, carpet has an advantage with warmth. Hardwood can be cold on bare feet. However, you can minimize this aspect by laying down some area rugs on a hardwood floor.
You’ll also find carpets have an advantage when it comes to noise. Hardwood doesn’t absorb sound.
However, hardwood may be more appealing when it comes to cleaning. Generally, you can keep hardwood clean with simple sweeping and with a damp mop. Carpet on the other hand will require regular vacuuming and shampooing. Dust and dirt can get into the rug and even create a potential health issue if it is not maintained.
Finally, well-maintained hardwood can last and last. However, the amount of traffic on the hardwood floor may mean it needs sanding and refinishing every decade or so. Carpets, on the other hand, have a lifespan of roughly 15 years. Over time, they will flatten and become difficult to clean.
Remember to think in terms of your family and lifestyle. Pets, for example, can have an impact either with hair in the carpet or scratches on the hardwood. Weigh all the factors before making a decision on carpet or hardwood and remember – you can have both!
By: Michael Nash Design, Build & Homes
       Fairfax, Virginia

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