Bathroom remodels – don’t forget to furnish

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Whether you are adding a new bathroom or remodeling an existing bathroom, don’t stop when the ‘construction’ part is complete. How you decorate your bathroom will complete your vision and there are many approaches to take.

In fact, if your budget is weighted to physical building and installation, you can save on how you decorate.

The most basic and effective décor change is painting. The color you choose can make or break your project. You may choose a single color for the bathroom but don’t limit yourself to one. You can choose a main color but you can also complement or contrast it by painting one wall or one area another color.

You might want to consider adding tile to one wall, or part of a wall, that would complement the colors you’ve chosen.

An approach many people take is to shop flea markets, online or simply go through their own home for items that aren’t currently being used. Putting their imaginations to work, they often find great (and inexpensive!) pieces to decorate and accessorize the bathroom. They may find materials they can use as storage – you don’t necessarily have to choose pre-made or constructed cabinets.

Mirrors are another accessory that can help give your bathroom a distinct look. They also help a smaller bathroom feel more spacious. Remember, while you need at least one mirror that is large enough and properly placed to be functional, you can also create designs with smaller, cameo sized mirrors placed in designs as décor.

The addition of pictures can give your bathroom character and they don’t have to be expensive. You might find printable images online or have photos of your own you can print. You can simply place them in inexpensive frames.

For counter accessories, low-cost votive candle holders can be a unique and attractive substitute for more costly bathroom-specific sets.

Like any room, a bathroom ideas is not complete until it has been furnished. And doesn’t require breaking the bank to make it stunning!

By: Michael Nash Design, Build & Homes
Fairfax, VA

Michael Nash Design, Build & Homes
8630A Lee Hwy, Fairfax, VA 22031, USA

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