Adding a new shower

One of the most basic parts of every home is the shower. You find them in elaborate master baths and you find them in secondary baths. The shower is a simple tool for a basic function: keeping us clean. And a nice hot shower feels great too!
As simple as showers are, they aren’t necessarily simple when it comes to choosing one or installing it. So here are a few tips to keep in mind when it comes to a shower project.
The showerhead
You may think a showerhead is a showerhead but today there are a number of options and they can provide a different experience depending on what you want. You should determine what you want your shower for ahead of time and choose your showerhead based on that.
For instance, traditionally a showerhead delivered a jet stream of water. Today, however, some showers come with multiple showerheads allowing you to direct the stream at all areas of the body at the same time. There are also rain showerheads providing an experience like rain as an option. These and multiple shower heads have become popular in recent years.
An investment
It’s a large remodel project if you are replacing a shower and tub so you should do it right the first time. Bathrooms and kitchens are good investments in your home. They’re what home buyers look at. So you should use good materials and make the finished remodel job one that is functional and beautiful at the same time.
A bit of pampering
Much depends on what your new shower is for but many home owners like to add a little something more to the shower experience by putting in a steam unit. This essentially turns your shower into a spa and it can be great for tired muscles.
Avoid problems later
If you’ve ever seen one of those home remodeling television shows, you’ll know the kinds of problems that can be created when non-professionals try their hand at plumbing and tiling. Tiles can be especially challenging because unlike a floor project, shower tiles are horizontal and vertical and can involve angles. We strongly suggest having professionals, like those with Michael Nash Design, Build & Homes, do the job for you so you can avoid the expensive problems that can arise from a job done incorrectly.
Showers are a simple and fundamental element in every home. But that doesn’t mean they have to be simple or can’t be enhanced to provide an incredible experience.
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