A primary palette of cheerful blues and reds provides inspiration for an unusual contemporary kitchen

When it comes to kitchen remodel décor, “there are two categories of people,” explains Sonny Nazemian of Michael Nash Custom Kitchens & Homes, Inc. “Those who love stain and those who love color.” In this case, clients Jane and Alan Luba of Centreville, Virginia, fell emphatically into the latter category. The homeowners, who have a modern sensibility, approached him to design a sleek, minimalist kitchen with strong colors and finishes.

They began with the cabinetry. “We went through four colors before Jane saw the one she wanted,” Nazemian says. “She was after this particular shade of blue.” The cabinets are wood—their final finish: cobalt blue, high-gloss lacquer and acrylic. The design team added a row of stainless-steel and frosted-glass cabinets at ceiling level to create a visual connection with the kitchen’s stainless-steel appliances and backsplash.Jane Luba, who owns her own cateringbusiness, also wanted to reconfigure the layout of her kitchen for better flow. Nazemian’s team opened up the space between the kitchen and family room, created a door to the dining room, and transformed the peninsula into an island. They also introduced much larger appliances, relocated them and added better lighting. “When you work with colors, you need proper lighting,” Nazemian says. “Semi-warm halogen lights showed the blue best.”

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